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Monday, June 13

Transient (Priority 3)—12:47 p.m.— Bolsa Avenue —A man was seen on the lunch benches. As of 12:48 p.m., the principal was en route to go talk to him. Police were unable to locate the man in question.

Pedestrian Check (Priority 3) —2:01 p.m.—Seal Beach Boulevard and Lampson Avenue —Police stopped and checked on a pedestrian. Police arrested Jocphus Josey on suspicion of possession of drug paraphernalia. He was cited and released in the field. A police unit returned a shopping cart to CVS.

Disturbing Juveniles (Priority 3) —3: p.m. —Schooner Way and Dory Way (Bridgeport)— Police were told that 10 juveniles at the park were tearing up the grass with their electrical bicycles. No juveniles were present when the police arrived and the grass appeared OK.

Vandalism Report (Priority 3) —North Gate Road —Someone cut the lock to the community center gate. Unknown if entry made. No suspect information. Message left for Seal Beach Public Works.

Tuesday, June 14

Petty Theft (Priority 2) —9:21 a.m.—Seal Beach Boulevard —Loss: a shopping cart full of beer. Police obtained descriptions of the suspect and the suspect’s car, but no one got the plate number. The reporting person did not desire a report.

Petty Theft (Priority 2) —9:56 a.m. —Seal Beach Boulevard —A man took a bottle of wine and a bottle of gin. Police were unable to locate the suspect. For that reason, the reporting party did not desire a report.

Traffic Hazard (Priority 2) —10:45 a.m.— Westminster Avenue —Police received a report of a transient woman throwing cans into the street. However, as of 10:52 a.m., police determined that the individual was not throwing cans into the street.

Disturbing Individual (Priority 2) —1:25 p.m. —Pacific Coast Highway (Old Town) —A man described as a transient refused to leave the store. As of 1:32 p.m., police had contacted the man in question at or near the front of the store. As of 1:34 p.m., police determined that no crime had occurred. The man was leaving.

Family Disturbance (Priority 2) —3:18 p.m.—First Street (Eaves by Avalon)—A man who sounded drunk called and asked for the police. He said he was in the parking lot and hung up. A woman called and said the man was not letting her leave because she was drunk in public. She refused to leave her name or provide further information. The line disconnected. As of 3:24 p.m., police contacted a couple at Pacific Coast Highway and First Street. Police requested a tax for the woman to take her to a location in Long Beach. As of 4:23 p.m., both man and woman had left the area.

Water Problem Reported (Priority 3) —9:27 p.m. —Pacific Coast Highway and Seal Beach Boulevard —Police received a report of what looked like sewage flooding the intersection. However, as of 9:46 p.m., police had determined that the water was simply high tide.

Wednesday, June 15

Arrest (Priority 3) —7:29 a.m. —17th Street and Electric Avenue —Police received a report of an individual sleeping at the gazebo at the end of the Green Belt. As of 7:51 a.m., police had contacted two individuals. Police arrested Kameron Mack on suspicion of resisting, delaying, or obstructing a public officer, police officer or emergency medical technician.

Disturbing Individuals (Priority 3) —3:16 p.m. —Westminster Avenue —Two women were asking for signatures on government property. The reporting person said they were bothering customers. She went into the Post Office to complain. Postal employees told her that they asked the women to leave and the refused. As of 3:49 p.m., the parties were counseled.

Disturbing Noise (Priority 3) —11:53 p.m. —Ocean Avenue (Old Town)—Several juveniles and carts were in the beach lot. Some juveniles were on the sand, running around with flashlights. It turned out to be a grunion run. The run was expected to continue until 12:25 a.m., Thursday, June 16.

Crime Log