Council OKs pier projects contract amendment

Projects are to upgrade concrete abutment, pier restrooms, and look at food service

The City Council on Nov. 14 unanimously approved an amendment to the contract with Anser Advisory Management, LLC for management of Seal Beach Pier improvement projects.

This was a Consent Calendar item and as such was voted on unanimously and collectively with other consent items. Nothing was pulled from the Consent Calendar.

There are three pier improvement projects in the works, according to the staff report by Acting Public Works Director Iris Lee.

Concrete abutment

“The Pier Concrete Abutment structure is the main point at which residents and visitors access the Pier and surrounding beach and park areas,” Lee wrote.

“The Abutment area is showing wear and deterioration and these conditions need to be addressed if the structure is to remain a viable component in the City,” Lee wrote.

“The Pier Concrete Abutment Restoration project will be addressing the main elements of concern, which include cracking and spalling concrete, deterioration of exposed steel elements, and worn surfaces primarily caused by the corrosive marine environment,” Lee wrote.

Pier restrooms

“The public restrooms built in the Pier Abutment serves the surrounding beach and park areas,” Lee wrote.

“During the 2020 Pier Improvement Project, it was noted that the electrical and plumbing systems throughout the original Pier abutment structure are in poor condition,” Lee wrote.

“This was apparent in the public restrooms which are affected by low light conditions and stagnant air flow,” Lee wrote.

“Conditions of the fixtures, water service and sewer were also noted for need of repair. The current conditions are due to the facilities’ heavy usage, age, and corrosive marine environment,” Lee wrote.

Pier restaurant

There used to be a restaurant at the end of the pier.

“As part of the 2016 Seal Beach Pier fire insurance recovery, reimbursement for support utilities and infrastructure for a potential restaurant rebuild at the end of the Pier was included,” Lee wrote.

Staff has been working closely with the insurance carriers to issue the final reimbursement. The Pier Restaurant Feasibility Study will solicit public input and determine the viability of a new restaurant at the end of the Pier,” Lee wrote.

“On July 1, 2022, the City entered into a Professional Services Agreement with Anser Advisory Management, LLC (Anser) to provide pre-design phase project management services for the Concrete Pier Abutment Restoration (BP2201) and Pier Restroom Restoration (BP2202) projects,” Lee wrote.

“As the two projects are moving into construction document preparation and bidding, staff recommends approving Amendment No. 1 to Anser’s Agreement to provide additional project management services through the construction phase, and ultimately, project closeout,” Lee wrote.

“As the Pier Restaurant Feasibility Study (BP2302) will likely need technical support and coordination with the insurance carrier, staff recommends expanding Anser’s scope of services to include limited consulting service on BP2302 [the Pier Restaurant Feasibility Study],” Lee wrote.

“Amendment No. 1 is in the amount of $121,665 for these additional services, revising the total Agreement not-to-exceed amount to $160,465,” Lee wrote.