Seal Beach City Council declares Level 0 Water Supply shortage

Unanimous decision rescinds Level 2 shortage declaration of July 2022

The council formally reduced Seal Beach’s water supply to a Level 0 Water Supply Shortage at the Monday, May 22, meeting.

The council also rescinded the resolution that had previously declared a Level 2 Water Supply Shortage.

The public hearing on the matter was brief, as no members of the public spoke. The water level issue was the last item on the agenda of a meeting that started at about 7 p.m. and ended minutes before 10 p.m.

The vote was unanimous.


“On October 19, 2021, Governor Newsom proclaimed a state of emergency due to the State’s extreme drought conditions,” according to the staff report prepared by Management Analyst Sean Sabo.

According to Sabo’s report, on March 28, 2022, Newsom issued an executive order that directed the State Water Resources Control Board to adopt an emergency drought regulation. According to Sabo’s report, the drought regulation required every urban water supplier to implement Level 2 water restrictions.  “On July 24, 2022, City Council adopted Resolution 7139 declaring a Level 2 water supply shortage,” Sabo wrote.

“With the improved conditions of State, regional, and local water supply, shortage conditions as defined in the City’s 2020 WSCP [water shortage contingency plan] no longer exist,” Sabo wrote.

“The Governor’s latest Executive Order, N-5-23, issued on March 24, 2023, recognized the change in water supply conditions eliminating the requirement that water agencies apply Level 2 of their WSCP and can determine their own locally appropriate conditions,” Sabo wrote.

“The permanent water waste prohibitions as part of Level 0 water supply shortage under Seal Beach Municipal Code 9.37 (Water Shortage Contingency Response Ordinance), are instilled to promote water use efficiency. These measures include:

“• Generally limiting irrigation between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. and encouraging the duration to 15 minutes or less.

“• Washing of motorized equipment or vehicles by a positive shut-off nozzle or bucket.

“• Operating a water fountain or decoration water feature with recirculated water.

“• Prohibit over irrigation and water runoff.

“• Prompt repair of indoor and outdoor plumbing fixtures within seven (7) days of discovery.

“• Restaurants serve water to customers only upon request.

“• Prohibit the installation of non-recirculating water systems in connection with commercial conveyor car wash and commercial laundry systems.

“• Prohibit the installation of single pass cooling systems.

“• Prohibit the hosing down of walkways, driveways, sidewalks, parking lots, tennis courts, patios, or alleys.

“• Prohibit watering during rain and 48 hours following measurable precipitation.

“• Prohibit irrigating ornamental turf on public street medians,” Sabo wrote.

“The Water Fund experienced a decrease in revenue due to reduced water sales,” Sabo wrote.