City, Rancho Santiago Community College District agree on Lifeguard training

The City Council this week approved an agreement with Rancho Santiago Community College District for beach Lifeguard training.

This was a Consent Calendar item. Consent items are voted on collectively, without discussion, unless pulled for separate consideration.

Nothing was pulled from the Monday, May 22, Consent Calendar.

“On December 19, 1999, the City Council approved an Inter-Agency Services agreement between the City of Seal and Rancho Santiago Community College District (RSCCD) to reimburse training costs, raise instructor requirements, and further standardize Ocean Lifeguard training in Orange County,” wrote Marine Safety Department Chief Joe Bailey in his staff report.

“From its inception, this agreement has paid the Lifeguard Department per student for every hour of approved curriculum instruction,” Bailey wrote.

“Our full time and senior part-time Lifeguards act as instructors for RSCCD, teaching an Ocean Lifeguard course. Funds realized from this agreement are to be used for Lifeguard training purposes, for the purchase of materials, supplies, [and] equipment for training,” Bailey wrote.

“The amount the City will receive annually will vary slightly year to year,” Bailey wrote.