City guide on how to participate in virtual public meetings

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The City of Seal Beach has several tools available so that residents may view public meetings and provide public comment on agenda items from the comfort of their home. Members of the public may provide public comments live during the virtual Zoom meeting OR in advance.  The instructions for each of these methods are listed below:

Just want to watch or listen?

If you do not want to participate in live public comment during a meeting, but still want to watch or listen to the meeting, you may do so through one of the following options:


How to provide public comment during virtual public meetings

  • Members of the public may provide public comment live during the virtual public meeting or in advance of the meeting. Here’s how to do so:

Providing public comment in advance of a meeting:
There are a few ways to provide public comment in advance of a Council Meeting or other public meetings — by email or online using the comment icon through the online portal.

First review the agenda by visiting . Please check the public comment deadline on the agenda and submit your comments prior to the deadline via one of the following options:

To Submit your comment via email:

Email the Acting City Clerk Dana Engstrom at

When composing your email, in the subject line, include all of the following:

  • Name
  • Date of Public Meeting
  • Agenda Item Number (if applicable)

To Submit your comment online:

Once the meeting agenda is published in the legislative meeting portal, go to

Click on the comment icon next to the agenda

Select the “+” sign to add a comment

Indicate your vote if desired and write a comment in the box provided. When composing your message please include the following:

Date of Public Meeting

Agenda Item Number (if applicable)

“Submit” your comment

Select “Next” and enter your first and last name

Select “Submit” and you will receive a success box

Select “Ok”

Live Public Comment During a Meeting

To make a public comment during a virtual public meeting, take the following steps:

1.  Access the meeting

  • Virtual public meetings are hosted by Zoom Webinar and each meeting has a unique meeting ID number that provides participant access.
  • To obtain the meeting ID, look up the meeting you are trying to access in the City’s legislative meeting portal: . The meeting ID is located on the meeting “Agenda.”
  • If accessing the meeting through a streaming device to watch, you may click on the Zoom meeting hyperlink within the agenda to access the meeting as an attendee.
  • If you log in before 7 p.m., a message on your screen will indicate the live meeting has not started and you will be automatically admitted when the meeting begins.
  • If listening from a phone, dial the number located on the agenda and follow these steps:

Enter the meeting ID when prompted.  If you don’t have a participant ID press #.  To unmute press *6.

  1. Raise your hand for the public comment once prompted.
  • During the meeting, the Mayor or Chair will announce the opportunity for public comment.
  • If watching on a device, use the “raise hand” feature in Zoom to make a comment.
  • If listening from a phone, dial *9 to raise your hand and make a comment.
  • The meeting host will go through raised hands one by one. The name you signed in with on Zoom is the name that will be called upon when asked to speak.
  1. Make your comment
  • When it is your turn to speak, you will be prompted to unmute, and your Zoom username will be called upon to speak. During Council meetings, each attendee is allowed 5 minutes to provide public comment.

When addressed, clearly state your name for the record.

  • The clerk will announce when your time has expired.

• The City Council will not address any questions during the public comment period.