Aunt Gertie found a new racket

Aunt Gertie and Christopher Karen (on left). Courtesy photo

Aunt Gertie was lookin’ for “love” so I grabbed my damn racket and came out swingin’! That young, handsome tennis pro had my ticker hyped up so fast I was fluttering like a bird on a net ready for take off! NO! I wasn’t gonna try and rob the cradle but I’ll have to admit I wanted to sign up for tennis lessons in the worst way. Being on that court made me feel so doggone good I couldn’t even stand myself!

Christopher Karen was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He was drawn to the sport of tennis at a very young age and started to compete as a teenager. He went through elementary, high school and college in Canada, graduating McGill University in 2011.

He moved to the United States in 2012, and settled in Marina Del Ray. He became certified by the USPTA and started his teaching career as an assistant coach.

In 2013, Chris came to Seal Beach, leased the Pro Shop at the Eaves and started giving lessons. He’s built up quite a loyal following of players and students. He teaches all ages from 2 to 95! Wow! So impressive! This man is a go-getter full of energy for sure. Head Rackets and Penn Tennis Ball are the brands he likes. I wonder if his cat, Simba, chases those fascinating round yellow toys around the house?

The Eaves is located at 333 1st Street in Seal Beach, CA 90740. Email is: Website is: To book a lesson or get information dial: 1-310-994-9687 and make sure to tell Chris, Aunt Gertie told you to call!