Test pile driving to start in Anaheim Bay

Ammunition pier construction expected to be done by the end of 2014

Photo courtesy of U.S. NavyA guided missile destroyer enters Anaheim Bay and passes the construction area for the new ammunition pier.

As the project to build a replacement ammunition pier at the Seal Beach Naval Weapons Station continues, a test pile driving campaign is set to begin inside Anaheim Bay as early as Thursday, Sept. 9.

During the test campaign, approximately 20 concrete piles will be driven into positions along the future pier footprint in the center of the bay.  The process is scheduled to take two weeks to complete, with work taking place during weekday, daylight hours.  The exact start date has not yet been finalized.

Once the test pile driving campaign has finished, test data will be evaluated in the coming months to devise the most efficient methods for pile placement.  The beginning of the actual pile driving phase of the project is currently scheduled for early 2022, although that timeline is still fluid and could be modified by the pile driving test results.

The Navy’s ammunition pier replacement project began in December 2019 and has already seen some notable milestones, including the opening of a new civilian boat channel between Huntington Harbour and the ocean in January.  The entire project is set to complete by the end of 2024.       

For additional information, visit the project website at https://www.cnic.navy.mil/sbammopier.