Teditorial: Miss Seal Beach, a wild fish tale, and the wall

Hayden Burke, 15, of Seal Beach, holds a wahoo he and his friends wrestled from the water near the pier, near the end of last summer. Courtesy photo

Miss Seal Beach offers opportunities for women

The 2019 Miss Seal Beach Pageant has been scheduled for March 31, at the Los Alamitos High Performing Arts Center.

For any young women who are interested in possibly competing in the Miss Seal Beach Pageant this year, there will be a meet and greet on Tuesday, Feb. 26, at 6:30 p.m. at Fire Station 48, at 3131 N. Gate Rd., in Seal Beach.

Miss Seal Beach contestants are between the ages of 17-26, while Miss Teen Seal Beach contestants should be ages 14-16. There is also a Jr. Miss Seal Beach division for girls in grade 5th through 7th. The pageant helps young women with public speaking skills and one-on-one interview training and offers members of the pageant court to engage in community events such as the summer concerts, Seal Beach Chamber of Commerce functions.

More information is available at misssealbeach.com or by calling 562-810-0087. Anyone interested in potentially competing can submit their name through the website, or phone number and attend the meet and greet for more details.

Summer will eventually return

With all the rain and cold weather, it sometimes seems like summer heat will never return. I am relatively certain it eventually will. I was reminded of this while going through some document files on my computer. The photo above was sent in near the end of last summer and shows Hayden Burke, 15, of Seal Beach, with a 15 lb. wahoo that he and his friends Dylan Hameister and Ashton Marrs, also of Seal Beach caught in the water near the pier.

The twist is that evidently, the three youths jumped into the water and wrestled the fish to shore. Hayden’s father said he got confirmation from witnesses.

“Sounds like a tall tale, but apparently there were many jealous fishermen that witnessed it from the pier,” Michael Burke said.

Trump’s emergency declaration getting pushback from local reps

Last week President Donald Trump declared a national emergency to be able to draw funds to go towards the building of a border wall. As of Tuesday, 16 states had filed lawsuits against the Trump administration against it using federal emergency funds to pay for the wall. And local representatives are also expressing disapproval.

“Part of his plan is to unlawfully steal money from Army Corps of Engineers projects, including $160 million in CA-48, to fund a monument to his ego. At a time when we face real emergencies like climate change and the opioid crisis, it defies belief that a president would so casually waste taxpayers’ money.

“I’ve made clear I support a serious approach to border and port security that utilizes modern technology, not a stone age solution that will destroy our environment and take private property from citizens,” Harley Rouda, Congressman for the 48th District, which includes Seal Beach, said in a statement.

Congressman Alan Lowenthal, who represents the neighboring 47th District, posted a response on Twitter, “There is no rational justification for this (emergency declaration) and Congress will do everything in its power to block this non-emergency declaration power grab!” Lowenthal tweeted.

Ted Apodaca is the editor of the Sun News and Catalina Islander. He can be reached at editor@sunnews.org, or 562-317-1100.


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