Sustarsic elected mayor

Shelly Sustarsic. File photo

The City Council voted unanimously this week to make District Four Councilwoman Schelly Sustarsic the mayor of Seal Beach for 2020. The council reorganizes each year. It was the council’s last act at the last meeting for 2019.

As City Manager Jill Ingram pointed out, in recent years City Attorney Craig Steele has overseen the election. This year, however, City Clerk Gloria Harper wanted to do it. “Gloria, you go girl.”

Harper called for nominations.

Outgoing Mayor Tom Moore, who will continue as the councilman for District Two (College Park West and Leisure World) nominated Sustarsic for the position.

No one else was nominated.

Then District Two Councilman Joe Kalmick for was nominated for the office of mayor pro tem.

No one else was nominated.

The council voted unanimously for Kalmick.

The vote was followed by applause from the audience.

At the end of the meeting, Sustarsic presented Moore with a plaque in appreciation for his work as mayor. (All Seal Beach mayors get the plaque with a gavel mounted on it at the end of the year.)

Ingram thanked Moore for what she called his incredible service as mayor.

Earlier in the evening, during the Council Comments segment, Moore thanked council and city staff. “We got a lot done,” he said.

Last year, the council elected Sustarsic to the office of mayor pro tem.

While members of the public vote for the council members, the council members elect the mayor. They generally take turns, though sometimes council members get a second term in office before they turn over their gavels to the next member.

District Two Councilman Tom Moore was mayor this year.

District Three Councilman Mike Varipapa was elected mayor for 2018.

District Four Councilwoman Sandra Massa-Lavitt was mayor in 2017.