Sun Region cities announce pilot commercial recycling program

The city of Cypress, in conjunction with the cities of Los Alamitos and Seal Beach, recently announced a free recycling program for one year to 100 commercial and multi-family account holders in the tri-city area.  The cities aim to utilize this pilot program to increase recyclable materials diversion in the business sector by two to five percent.

Eligible parties will receive a site inspection of their property to ensure that it is suitable for the pilot program.  The site inspection looks at the following criteria:

• Is there adequate enclosed space for a recycling bin at your business/dwelling?

• Will your business/dwelling generate enough recyclables to fill a bin on a regular basis?

• Would an additional recycling bin be allowed to be placed at your business/dwelling?

This is a single year grant funded program; would your business/dwelling be interested in continuing the program and become financially responsible after the grant is complete?

The recycling bin can only be used for recyclables.

Chronic contamination can result in discontinuation. Is your business/dwelling willing to accept this condition?

If your business/dwelling currently has a recycling program would there be a benefit to increase the amount of bins available for use?

Does your business/dwelling have a representative available to take responsibility for monitoring the program if you are selected?

For more information, call Consolidated Disposal Service at (562) 259-2826.