Staff to prepare two-stories-only zoning amendment

The City Council voted unanimously Monday, May 11, to have staff prepare an ordinance amending the zoning code so that only two story houses may be built in Old Town. The council did not discuss the issue before casting the vote. City staff requested the zoning amendment.

After staff prepares the zoning text amendment, the issue will go to the Planning Commission. In 2008, 72.4 percent of Seal Beach voters passed Measure Z, which limited all residential houses in Old Town to a 25-foot height limit. At that time, that meant a two-story limit.  However, state building standards have changed since then, lowering the ceiling requirement to 7 feet and allowing for the design of three-story homes. Basham said staff asked the council to have staff prepare a zoning text amendment that says residential developments are “not to exceed two stories.”

Residents  Bill Ayers and Mike Buhbe both asked the council to limit houses to two stories.

Mayor Ellery Deaton said it was always the intention to limit houses to two stories. She asked the other council members to comment. No one spoke.

Deaton moved to direct staff to prepare the zoning amendment.