Some hints for pursuing happiness from a happy man

Bill Thomas

Many of the principle patriots of the 13 original colonies, stated in the Declaration of Independence of the soon-to-be United States of America, “LIFE, LIBERTY, and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.”

Our parents gave us life. The Revolutionary War gave us liberty from the British hierarchy. But the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS is up to us, individually. HAPPINESS comes in many ways and at various times and amounts.

“KNOW THYSELF” is an old expression, but those two words have great meaning. Some of us are fortunate to have been given a natural talent. Most of us discover our special abilities as we grow through life with our added education and various experiences.

HINT: One great way to know more about yourself is to take a lined sheet of paper; draw a line vertically in the middle of the sheet; and at the top of the left column write “I LIKE”; and in the other column, write ‘I DISLIKE.” Write quickly and randomly. Don’t stop to analyze or evaluate each entry. Keep adding to the two lists as more thoughts come to your mind. Knowing yourself better will help you find HAPPINESS and develop your attitude.

ATTITUDE is the beginning of everything. It all begins with either a POSITIVE ATTITUDE, like “I CAN, I WILL”; OR a negative attitude like “I can’t, I won’t”; OR an “indifferent attitude like, “I don’t care, maybe I will, maybe I won’t.” Your ATTITUDE creates a “MINDSET” that helps you determine your approach to solving or ignoring a problem or situation like “I’ve set my mind to …” MUCH of your happiness comes of YOUR POSITIVE ATTITUDE.

“SEEK AND YE SHALL FIND” your happiness as you discover more about yourself. There will be many pleasurable times, and some “not-so-happy” times in your life. Remember another great expression, “THIS TOO SHALL PASS.”

No matter how pleased, proud, and elated you may be at any time due to pleasant events; there will also be some “miserable situations” to make you a bit unhappy…so remember, THIS TOO SHALL PASS quicker when you get to a POSITIVE ATTITUDE. Sometimes, you may choose others to discuss a problem or situation with and hopefully resolve it. Also, whomsoever you choose to speak or write to will have their own opinion that may not apply in your situation, so consider carefully.

Your FAMILY can, may, and should be a wonderful contribution IN your sphere of happiness. Another common expression, “DO ONTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD LIKE OTHERS TO DO ONTO YOURSELF” certainly applies to all family members, BUT is often forgotten.

Close FRIENDS who are truly sincere can, and usually do, assist in your HAPPINESS; and you also contribute to their happiness.

AQUAINTANCES and ASSOCIATES, at your place of employment, at meetings, or even in chance encounters can have a stimulating effect on your “PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.”

Limit your “open” discussion of POLITICS and RELIGIONS. Have and believe in whatever you want but open discussion of these subjects often leads into harsh disagreements and sometimes into violent reactions. Be aware.

As President Lincoln has stated, “You can be as happy as you decide to be.”

Please accept these words, meant to be helpful, as an aid In YOUR PURSUIT of HAPPINESS.

Bill Thomas of Rowntree Gardens, Stanton, is a World War II VETERAN,? and Past Commander of VFW Post 4048,?and American Legion Post 857.? Contact Bill

Some hints for pursuing happiness from a happy man