Services postponed for a week at Grace church

Worshipers gather together on the law outsite Seal Beach’s Grace Community Church. Photo by Andrew Ficke

Outdoor services at Grace Community Church were canceled last Sunday due to concerns surrounding coronavirus exposure, after a staff member at the church contracted COVID-19. The church is planning on resuming their outdoor services next week.

Bob Wriedt, the senior pastor of Grace, released a statement online stressing the importance of in person gatherings, but also safety of the community.

“Is this ideal? Not Hardly. I cherish the time to gather with you all, but I want to do so safely. Given the exposure of all our pastoral staff, that wasn’t going be possible for this Sunday” Wriedt wrote.

Wriedt also reminded the congregation that although in-person activities were canceled, worship would still be held on Sunday: The church has been broadcasting weekly online services over YouTube and Facebook every week since the beginning of the pandemic, and continues to reach over 400 congregants every week.

Despite the cancellation, Grace has seen good attendance at both their 9:30 and 11 a.m. in-person services. With social distancing policies and malicious cleaning techniques used by the custodial staff, many in Old Town feel safe making the walk to Grace’s campus off Eighth Street and Central Avenue on Sunday mornings.

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Services postponed for a week at Grace church