Seal Beach’s Bogart’s Coffee House celebrates 20th anniversary

JoAnn and Bud Adams in front of Bogart’s Coffee House.

Did you ever wonder where Bogart’s Coffee House, which is celebrating its 20th Anniversary, got it’s name?  Co-owner JoAnn Adams said her husband, Bud, is a sailor who didn’t want their business to have a Hawaiian name like so many others but they liked Morocco. As they thought of places there, the most famous is the seaport of Casablanca, which became the name of one of the greatest films of all time, starring Humphrey Bogart. “After thinking about it, we decided to call our place, Bogart’s. Before us, the building was a well-known surf shop called, “’Life in Paradise’ & previous to that, a clothing store named ‘Ete.’”

Bogart’s employs up to 12 high school and college students and other locals.

Some of the musicians who’ve appeared there are Sophia James (Wackerman), one of the top contestants on American Idol and Brennley Brown, a finalist on The Voice, who even mentioned Bogart’s before her performance of the song “The River.”  “We’ve always had a wealth of amazing talent that may not yet be on the national stage but are equally as gifted,” Adams said. “It is fun to be able to feature them on our small ‘stage.’”

How it started: In 2002, the Adams had two kids, Caroline, 3, and Tyler, 6. “When the youngest started preschool, I realized I would have some of my day free to take on a project. A friendly advisor mentioned some people are successful opening coffee houses. Bud had a passion for coffee and was taken with the idea. We had a lot of project management experience and took it on as a new venture,” she said. “Everyone in the family worked at Bogart’s. When we first opened, Bud did the opening shift, I got the kids ready and off to school, then went to Bogart’s. Bud worked in the afternoon, while I picked up the kids; then I returned to work it until closing time. Both the kids worked at the store through High School and during College vacations.  Many of our friends have also worked at the store.”

“We’re currently gathering some great stories people have about their memories at Bogart’s to feature at our business. We’re doing a commemorative shirt for the 20th year and will likely host a gathering for friends of Bogart’s sometime in the Fall, around our actual Anniversary (November 22).

“Bogart’s has become one of our Main Street and Pier institutions,” said Mayor Joe Kalmick. “It’s such a comfortable place for me to meet with local residents or other officials for a cup of coffee, a bagel and a chat. And being able to meet outside makes it safer for me. And we are grateful for Bogart’s co-sponsoring the “Summer Music in the Park “ weekends. My congratulations to JoAnn and Bud for reaching their 20 year anniversary.”

Seal Beach Police Chief Philip L. Gonshak: “We are excited to celebrate Bogart’s 20th Anniversary. We love it when businesses in Seal Beach are successful, especially ones with owners as nice as JoAnn and Bud. On those cold winter nights, our officers love stopping in for a cup of coffee before they patrol the pier. From all the men and women of the Seal Beach Police Department, we wish Bogart’s another Happy 20 years!”

Seal Beach Chamber of Commerce President Rob Jahncke: “Although we are competitors in the coffee world, I have a great respect for JoAnn Adams. Retail coffee is a tough business and to stay in business for 20 years is quite an accomplishment, especially the last few years.  Not only is she a good business operator, but she continues to foster a unique character for Bogart’s. So I say to JoAnn  at Bogart’s, ‘Congratulations’”.

Seal Beach Artist Bill Anderson: “Bogart’s has a beautiful view of the Seal Beach Pier, Eisenhower Park and Catalina Island. Looking at it from the Pier, Bogart’s has a unique personality, individualistic, simple and memorable. It’s a real coastal landmark!”

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