Seal Beach Historical Society Red Car Museum repainting project progresses

Red Car Museum painting project continues, as can be seen by this photo taken Tuesday afternoon, Nov. 10. Photo by Charles M. Kelly

The painting of the Red Car Museum is visibly progressing. It appears that artificial wood has been applied to areas of the Red Car Museum, located on Electric Avenue near Main Street, in preparation for future painting. (The Red Car was also repainted last year.)

No tarp or covering was seen on the Red Car prior to or during the brief rain on Saturday, Nov. 7. However, the rain was brief and covering it may not have been possible.

The most recent post on the Historical Society’s Facebook page (dated Oct. 13) said the inside of the Museum is in “good shape.”

An undated sign on the door to the Red Car Museum said that the that the Historical Society Board of Directors has decided to close the museum until further otice since the enclosed space prevents practicing the state’s 6-foot social distancing requirement.

“We also plan to continue our restoration project when it is safe again,” the sign said.

Meanwhile, as of Monday, Nov. 9, an online petition to change the Historical Society’s leadership has acquired 672 signatures. (On Nov. 3, the petition had 556 signatures. On Oct. 13, the number was 534.)

Fresh red paint appears on one part of the iconic structure. Last week, the same area was painted white.

The Sun has not yet received replies to email questions about the plans for the work. The questions were sent on Oct. 31 and again on Nov. 6.

In addition to asking about the plans for work on the Red Car, the Sun requested comments on assertions made in a recent Letter to the Editor concerning the Red Car Museum.

The Sun also requested comment on the issue of the composition of the Historical Society’s Board of Directors.

The Sun will publish the replies when/if they are received.

Seal Beach Historical Society Red Car Museum repainting project progresses