Seal Beach hires Psomas to work on EIR for proposed Old Ranch Country Club project

The City Council on Monday, July 25, unanimously approved an agreement with Psomas to work on the environmental impact report for the proposed development of Old Ranch Country Club.

The owner of the property recently submitted a proposed specific plan for the Old Ranch area.

The professional service agreement with Psomas was originally a Consent Calendar item, but District Four Councilwoman Schelly Sustarsic pulled it for separate consideration.

According to the staff report, the EIR will take a year to complete.

The cost: $238,393, with the city manager authorized to approve “contingency spending” up to 15%, according to the staff report by Community Development Director Alexa Smittle.

According to her report, Old Ranch Country Club will reimburse the city for the cost of the EIR.

“Psomas will present to the City’s Environmental Quality Control Board when the Draft Program EIR is available,” according to Smittle’s staff report.

During Monday’s meeting, Sustarsic expressed concern about the project’s potential impact on traffic in the area. She also raised concerns that College Park East residents would know what was going on as the project progressed.

“I’m just trying to make sure my residents know what is going on,” Sustarsic said.

Community Development Director Alexa Smittle told Sustarsic that a scoping meeting would be held early in the process.

“We are looking at increasing public engagement,” Smittle wrote.

According to Psomas’ proposed schedule for the EIR, the scoping meeting would be held during week 20 or week 21 of the project.

Alia Hokuki, the project manager, said that once the document was prepared, it would be distributed for the public to review.

According to the Psomas schedule, the mandatory 45-day public review of the draft of the document would be held during weeks 38 to 43.

According to the July 25 staff report,  the proposed development would include:

• a three-level addition to the clubhouse, with 150 rooms for overnight guests

• 103-unit, three-level independent/assisted living facility

• a 51-unit, three-level, senior housing complex (with 25,340 square foot medical office)

• a three-level parking structure (with 591 parking spaces) and four tennis courts on top of the building

• a clubhouse pool.

The city put out a request for proposals, according to the staff report by Community Development Director Alexa Smittle.

“Psomas was the only responding firm,” Smittle wrote.