Seal Beach Business Couple Worked on Queen Mary

Barbara and Dave Davis of Alamitos Antiques.

Have you ever been to Alamitos Antiques, a Seal Beach fixture for 21 years? It’s run by Proprietors Barbara and Dave Davis, who both had previous fascinating careers as Service Techs for General Telephone. They even got to work on the Queen Mary, during when Disney ran the Queen. Disney had big plans for the ship and adjoining area but the City was not in agreement. It would have been a splendid destination spot like in Anaheim. During the Disney time, the Davis’ ran telephone & other communication wiring aboard the ship & worked on several interesting projects.

The 30-year GTE veterans also helped set up the communication over two days for a Ronald Reagan speech aboard the Queen in 1980. They were cleared by the Secret Service & FBI to also work at Seal Beach Naval Weapons Station, Rockwell, Long Beach Airport, Hospitals and more.

The Davis’s also worked on The Queen Mary for several Television Shows filmed aboard the ship, including” The Winds of War, Good Morning America and commercials. They were able to explore– and often work in– various areas of the vessel, from the turbine shafts, the pool area, Captain’s Quarters, the smoke stacks, staterooms, offices, shops and everything in between. “

“It’s a magnificent ship, with lots of history and beautifully built, wood and grandeur at every turn,” Barbara said. “We were lucky to be part of the history of this incredible symbol for Long Beach.”

If you’d like to talk with them, they can be reached at Alamitos Antiques (211 Main St.), Seal Beach on Tuesday through Saturday, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.