Briefing Room: What’s the plan for 1st, Marina?

Hi Seal Beach! Before I get to this week’s question, I wanted to share a very nice email from a follower of our social media. I thought it was important to share with the community because our social media team works very hard to put out relevant information in a creative and humorous way. If you aren’t following us already, please visit us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @sealbeachpolice. I think you’ll enjoy it and at the very least, be more informed about what the Seal Beach Police Department is doing to protect our community.

Dear Chief,

I believe a promotion is in order for the person in charge of your social media, particularly Instagram! I am not a resident of Seal Beach, but this is by far my favorite PD social media page! I look forward to seeing the posts and the hilarious ”complaints.” People never fail to surprise me with their closed-minded thoughts and sensitivity!

As a former public relations manager, I can’t stress how important it is to establish a strong social media platform. The cliche, “Any PR is good PR” might not apply to today’s climate where every law enforcement agency is under such extreme scrutiny. Using humor is such a clever way to humanize the badge! I applaud the person behind the screen for extending their humor and sarcasm to the community!

Asides from the humor (very much appreciated btw), there are real topics addressed as well. Raising awareness for autism and Pride Week with your officers wearing these unique patches. Your department support diversity and EQUALITY. Thank you for being a solid pillar of the community and supporting EVERYONE! Keep up the amazing job, please keep posting, and most importantly, stay safe!

Warmest Regards,


Now on to our question:

Hello Lieutenant Nicholas,

I live on the corner of First Street and Marina Dr. and for months now there have been orange cones and barriers on the corner. What is the plan for that intersection, and when will the cones and barriers be removed? Thank you for your response. Sincerely, Tom

Hi Tom,

Thanks so much for your question. I reached out to our Deputy Public Works Director/City Engineer Iris Lee for help on this one. She told me that Shea Homes, the developer of new houses and park located on First Street between Ocean Avenue and Marina Drive, is responsible for those cones. They are scheduled to pave that area toward the end of the month. Once that is done, all of the traffic cones will be removed.

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