Sand berm contract to go out to bid

File photo of a berm on the sands of Seal Beach

The City Council on Feb. 25 approved plans for the annual sand berm construction and removal contract. The decision authorizes staff to solicit bids for the project.

The vote was 4-0. On the advice of the city attorney, District One Councilman Joe Kalmick recused himself from the discussion of the sand berm contract because his home was near the area in question.

The building and demolition of the sand berm on the beach is an annual ritual, the city’s way of minimizing the impact of nature on homes along the boardwalk of Seal Beach. “The ‘berm’ is routinely removed prior to the end of April except in cases where possible inclement weather and wave events would make it prudent to leave it in place for longer periods,” according to the staff report by Public Works Director Steve Myrter.

The city’s current contract will expire in April. Whoever makes the “winning” bid will be eligible for a two-year contract with Seal Beach with an option for the city to renew two more times for two years for each renewal.

According to Myrter’s report, Moffat & Nichol Engineering in 2003 recommended moving (“backpassing”) sand from west beach to east beach every other year.

“The Engineer’s Estimate for a backpass year is $300,000 and for a non-backpass year is $150,000,” according to Myrter’s report. According to Myter’s report, the draft of the professional services agreement would allow an increase based on either the Consumer Price Index or 3 percent, depending on which is lower.



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