RSB unveils Kid’s Fun Run t-shirt contest winners

Winners from 2020 canceled event finally get their due

The 2020 Kid’s Fun Run t-shirt design was kept under wraps for two years, after the race was cancelled due to the pandemic. This year, the design, created by McGaugh students Aimee and Evan Belzer, gets it due as the 2022 event t-shirt design.

Each year, Run Seal Beach has the pleasure of holding a t-shirt design contest for the Kid’s Fun Run 1k. We asked for submissions in 2020, almost two years ago, unaware of the virtual race possibilities in 2021, in which the Kid’s Fun Run was cancelled in an abundance of caution. That means, many of us have been keeping the new design a secret all this time! We are happy to announce the winner for 2022, or should we say, for the first time ever in design history… WINNERS! Congratulations to Aimee and Evan Belzer, two very creative and talented twins from McGaugh Elementary.

Pictured are Aimee and Evan Belzer, talented twins who attend McGaugh Elementary.

Like many of us, Aimee and Evan are animal lovers! Aimee loves to draw the cutest little animals, her favorites are otters and bunnies. Evan loves dogs and writing awesome, fanciful stories. Both love to hang out with their friends and play a variety of sports! Evan has a great time playing baseball and golf and Aimee enjoys volleyball.

We are so excited to see their design racing down Ocean Avenue, finishing at the Fun Zone in Eisenhower Park. For Run Seal Beach participants, volunteers and spectators alike, The Kid’s Fun Run 1k brings joy, laughter and love to all. It allows the kids in our community to have fun and… be active! We call it a ‘Fun Run’ because there is no time recording and no placement awards, every child wins! All the precious little one receives a participation ribbon to show off their achievement and provide a memento for years to come!

Run Seal Beach is honored to host this event and we hope to see the whole family join us on Saturday, March 19. Thank you for your endless support of the Little Run with a Big Heart!

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