Rossmoorgate: Protesting is everyone’s right

Joyce Bloom

My opinion piece that appeared in the Jan. 5, 2012, edition of The Sun was not “against the protesters” as was stated in both the News Enterprise and the Sun on January 18, 2012.

The title I originally gave to my article was “Use Twitter to Complain About Toys R US” was changed by the editor.

I fervently believe protesting is every citizens right.

Freedom of speech is necessary for our democracy to thrive.

“Occupy Seal Beach” if you want to get your message out that you don’t want stores in the shopping center and Twitter Toys R Us and let them know that you are not happy about their chosen location.

The gist of that article was to point out that yet again the Rossmoor Community Services District has formed another Ad Hoc Committee that has little to do with what is within their jurisdiction.

As I stated in my article, the RCSD has limited jurisdiction of some government functions—parks, trees, Rossmoor Way median, lighting and street sweeping.

By engaging in all the various Ad Hocs with two directors on each one I believe they are acting outside of their jurisdiction.

Anything the RCSD does outside of their jurisdiction costs the District money. Our money!

A number of months ago they passed a resolution to pay their directors a stipend for attending committee meetings.

Since then, the number of Ad Hoc Committees has proliferated. Are these directors getting paid for attending these meetings? Most probably.

The public should be informed if they do.

I do know that the general manager gets paid by the hour and writing a resolution adds something extra to his salary.

I didn’t vote for the directors of the RCSD to represent me at Ad Hoc meetings which have nothing to do with their above stated functions.

Actually, the Board as it is constituted now has only two elected directors. The other three were not elected, but appointed.

When people are appointed they are selected by the people already on the Board.

That does not make for differences of opinion but rather conformity of thought.

Rossmoor Homeowners Association can create and attend all the Ad Hoc committees they wish to.

The RHA is an association and not governed by the Government Code or the Brown Act.

The RHA is spending their time and money but the Rossmoor Community Services District should be more careful about spending public money!

Joyce Bloom is a former member of the Rossmoor Community Services District board and a long time Rossmoor resident.