Rossmoor sees increase in catalytic converter theft

OCSD captain offers tips on reducing public’s risk of identity theft


Rossmoor maintained a “pretty low” rate of incidents during the second quarter of 2021, according to Capt. Gary Knutson of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.

However, there was an uptick of grand theft in April, mostly catalytic converter thefts. There was also an increase in vehicle thefts in June.

Knutson, who serves as chief of police services for the North Patrol area, gave the news to the Rossmoor Community Services District Board of Directors on Tuesday, July 13.

Knutson provides the RCSD board with an update on crime statistics every quarter.

Knutson told the RCSD that most of the grand thefts were thefts of catalytic converters taken from vehicles. “We did have a pretty significant surge in April of that particular type of crime,” Knutson said.

Capt. Knutson said the majority of types of crime remained the same as or lose to the same amount as the prior year.

He reported an increase in car thefts in June.

Knutson reminded the public to be aware of crimes of opportunity.

“That’s what a lot of these seem to be,” he said.

“Again, I can’t stress [enough] to folks to just remain vigilant. Take precautions,” he said.

He advised the public to secure their valuables and make sure valuables are not visible in their cars.

He also encouraged the public to lock their cars.

He said one vehicle that was stolen was unlocked.

“We’re making it too ease when these crimes do occur,” Knutson said.

Knutson said if you have the ability to install surveillance cameras or motion sensor lights, please do so.

He also reminded people to shred credit card ads that come in  the mail. He said they contain a lot of personal information that thieves can “link together” with other information from social media.

Knutson said that you should make sure you don’t compromise your security on social media. For example, posting that you’re away from home or out on vacation. Knutson described that information as an invitation for thieves to visit your home.

Knutson advised using a pass phrase, rather than a password, for your phone apps. He advised using a different phrase or variation for each account so if one gets hacked, it isn’t easy for the hacker to get into your other accounts.

He closed with encouraging the public to use two-factor authentication when using apps.

Rossmoor sees increase in catalytic converter theft