Portions of Sunset Beach’s original water line being replaced

Water pipeline replacement in the alley behind 24th Street in Sunset Beach. Photo by Chris MacDonald

If you’ve noticed construction in the alley’s from 24th to 26th Street, between Pacific Coast Highway and North Pacific, it’s for the $2.7 million dollar replacement of the original water line in Sunset Beach alleys.

“I’m happy the City of Huntington Beach made the necessary improvements, including putting in street fire hydrants, which the county neglected for so many years,” said Kevin Paulson, a retired Los Angeles County Fire Authority captain and president of The Sunset Beach Community Association. “Prior to the city making these improvements, we had fire hydrants in peoples’ gardens and other, sometimes non- accessible areas.”

“The alleys have been taken all the way down to dirt and Permit Parking on the greenbelt has been provided for all homes with garages and entrances on those alleys. It’s amazing to see them. Looks like the 1960s but with much larger homes. I’m glad the city’s doing this now and not during the busy summer months when parking is at a premium,” said Dawn McCormack, a Sunset Beach Community Association Board member.

“The workers are doing a fantastic job with this much-needed project,” said Eric Bakker, a 50-year resident of Sunset Beach and owner of Antiques of the Sea.

“It’s a really good team effort. I haven’t seen anything like this,” Bakker said.

“I’m glad they replaced the water lines,” said Lorna Roberts, a local resident. “The previous ones were ancient.”

“The alley portion is going well and on schedule to complete in March,” said Joe Fuentes from The City of Huntington Beach Public Works Department. “We’ve started some heavy work in the alley’s, which will continue until the beginning of March.”

Kana Pipeline Inc., of Riverside, received the city’s contract for the project, which involves an estimated 170 workdays.

It involves the installation of 2,350 linear feet (6 and 12-inch diameter) water pipeline within public alleys.

The alleys are part of reconstruction of the street above the water lines that we just installed underground.

They include alleys between 12th and 13th, 24th and 25th, between 25th and 26th, and between Anderson and 26th. There also will be paving over some water line work on a few segments of PCH, according to Fuentes.