Police town hall meeting is set for Aug. 20

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Tuesday event to include info on Police Services Study

The city of Seal Beach has released the Police Services Study (“Report on the Police Department Resource Allocation Study”), commissioned last year to determine what staffing and operational changes might be needed to make the city’s police department run at top efficiency.

To see the report, the public may visit the City Clerk’s Office or clink on the link below to read the document:

Report on the Police Department Resource Allocation Study

The study, conducted by Matrix Consulting Group, is 102 pages long and offers analysis and recommendations for the department. Among them is the recommendation that the city close its jail facility. This would eliminate six detention officer positions and allow the detention facility sergeant to be reassigned to other duties.

“An additional administrative sergeant role is needed to handle collateral duties from other supervisors and managers in the department, regardless of whether the decision is made to close detention facility operations,” the study states.

It could also potentially allow the addition of one more patrol officer, using a portion of an estimated savings of $405,000 that would come as a result of closing the jail.

“Adding the position will offset the impact of closing detention services on patrol operations, based on analysis of the additional workload that would patrol would be required to handle,” the study states.

The report also notes that retention of the current 16 patrol officers is important, as is creating a “buffer” to accommodate any turnover, or time off for officers. Seal Beach’s small size makes this a vital detail. Seal Beach Police Department currently has 38 sworn officers, including the detention facility sergeant. The six detention facility officers are not sworn officer, but Community Resource Officers.

“As a small agency, leave and turnover can have a disproportionate impact on the ability to meet service commitments,” the report states.

The report details analysis of most of the departments operations and makes recommendations on how it might be restructured to optimize its efficiency.

During Monday’s City Council meeting, Seal Beach officials announced that the Police Services Study will be discussed at an upcoming Public Safety Town Hall meeting. The public may look at the study by visiting the City Clerk’s Office.

In a recent press release, the Seal Beach Police Department has invited the public to attend the Public Safety Town Hall meeting from 6 to 8 p.m., Tuesday, Aug. 20, in City Council Chambers.

According to the press release, Interim Chief Joe Miller “and staff will present an overview of the Police Services Study process, purpose, and results, as well as provide additional public safety updates.”

Matrix Consulting Group was commissioned in April 2018, to do the Police Services Study for a maximum of $48,400 including contingency (unexpected) costs.