Police announce 2022 Seal Beach Turkey Trot 5K/10K road closures

On  Saturday, Nov. 19,  the  Turkey Trot 5K/10K will  take place in the  Old  Town area of Seal Beach.

As  a result of this  event and the  large number of participants expected to run, several streets will  be  closed to ensure runner safety. The event begins and ends on  Main Street at Central Avenue.  Streets will  be  re- opened for  the  traffic as  the  last  athletes pass an  area. Please be aware that street re- opening times are approximate. Please allow extra time for  travel due to street closures and possible traffic delays.

Street—Direction—To—From—Closure Time—Open Time:

Main Street—Both directions—from Electric Avenue to Ocean Avenue—closes 4 a.m.—opens 11 a.m.

Ocean Avenue—Both directions—from Electric Avenue to 10th Street—closes 6 a.m.—opens 10—a.m.

Ocean Avenue—Both directions—from First Street to Eighth Street—closes 6 a.m.—opens 10 a.m.

Ocean Avenue—Both directions—from 10th Street to Eighth Street—closes 6 a.m.—10:30 a.m.

First Street—Both directions—from Ocean Avenue to Marina Drive—closes 6 a.m.—opens 10 a.m.

Marina Drive—Both directions—from First Street to Fifth Street—closes 6 a.m.—opens 10 a.m.

First Street—North direction—from Marina Drive to Welcome Lane—closes 6 a.m.— 10 a.m.

Questions about the  Turkey Trot can be  sent to Jason Bruton at info@runlegacyevents.com.