Planning commission unanimously approves McKenna’s Tea Cottage CUP

Seal Beach Planners this week voted 4-zero to approve a request for a conditional use permit to serve beer and wine to guests at McKenna’s Tea Cottage on Main Street. District Four Planning Commissioner Patty Campbell was absent from the Nov. 7 meeting.

No one spoke at the public hearing.

“The subject parcel is generally surrounded by commercial uses to the north, east, and south, with residential uses to the west across the alley,” according to the staff report by Community Development Director Alexa Smittle and Associate Planner Marco Cuevas Jr.

“The restaurant can accommodate 27 patrons indoor and up to 76 patrons in total when the front and side enclosed outdoor patios are included,” according to the staff report.

“The restaurant currently operates daily from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm, however is now requesting new operating hours of 7:00 am to 3:00 pm with the approval of alcohol sales,” according to the report.

“The subject business, McKenna’s Tea Cottage, has been in operation since 2015 and is seeking a Type 41 (beer and wine) alcohol license to complement the food menu items,” according to the Cuevas-Smittle report.

The city code requires businesses to get a conditional use permit before the state issues an Alcoholic Beverage Control license, according to the report.

“On-site alcohol consumption will be restricted within the premises of the indoor and outdoor areas of the restaurant only,” according to the report.

Beach Council Policy 600-1, “Standard Conditions for Alcohol Related Land Uses” requires establishments to be 100 feet from residences—or that the CUP is approved if the applicant can show “the operation of the business would not interfere with the quiet enjoyment of property by residents,” according to the Staff report.

“The subject establishment currently measures approximately 35 feet away from the nearest residential property to the west, the Seal Beach Police Department has indicated that no significant calls for service were noted at this location,” according to the report.

“Since the restaurant will primarily be open during breakfast and lunch hours, no significant increase in noise levels is foreseen due to the limited hours of operation and the location of the primary entrance along Main Street,” according to the report.

“Furthermore, the distance to residential properties is similar to other restaurant establishments serving alcohol beverages along Main Street,” according to the report.