Passing the Torch: A Father-Daughter Legacy

Rachael Yohai is set to fallow in her father Steve’s footsteps with a career change. Courtesy photo

Not many eight-year-old kids dream of becoming a financial advisor. But that’s what my daughter Rachael set her sights on from a young age.

It started back when her dad, Steve Yohai, drove her to McGaugh every morning on the way to his Edward Jones office on Main Street. I have no doubt that the conversations and even the music they listened to had a lasting influence on Rachael’s life. A mutual love for Led Zeppelin and Fleetwood Mac is one of the many things Rachael shares with her dad.

None of us can ever really know how much we have influenced others by our words and actions. I look at Rachael today and I notice qualities and traits that are clearly her own but also have undertones of both Steve and me. I think all parents see this in their children.

Rachael attended Northern Arizona University, and accepted employment with Pacific Life Insurance literally one hour before she walked in her graduation ceremony. It was a very happy moment for us all.

During her 4 ½ years with Pacific Life, we watched with pride as Rachael continued to assume more responsibilities and achieve three promotions. It was clear she was both respected and liked by her executive team and her peers. I would not have been surprised to see her become the youngest director at the company if she stayed on this path.

Late last year, after 28 years with Edward Jones, Steve decided it was time to begin his journey towards retirement. When we shared the news with Rachael, we knew this would lead to a difficult choice for her. As her parents we wanted this to be 100% her decision.

It was time for her to choose between the two paths, one where she was excelling, and one that would mean starting something new that would allow her to fulfill her childhood dream of joining Edward Jones. After a comprehensive interview process and extensive training program, Rachael became a Financial Advisor with Edward Jones earlier this year.

One could say that Edward Jones has been a part of Rachael’s entire life. I was seven months pregnant with Rachael when Steve and I attended our first summer regional meeting. The annual three-day events provided a great opportunity to get to know the other families. We formed lifelong friendships and have many fun memories.

While I will be sad to see Steve leave Edward Jones, I am thrilled for what the future holds for Rachael in her new career. I can’t think of a better Father’s Day gift than watching our daughter – brimming with passion, drive and commitment — carry on the work Steve started nearly three decades ago. We could not be prouder as he passes the baton – and his wonderful clients – to the next generation.