Pandemic seems to have little effect on Old Town’s Charo Chicken

Manager Manuel Bernao of Seal Beach Charo Chicken, pictured above, reports that business is good and that customers are complying with the mask mandate. Photo by Andrew Ficke

By Andrew Ficke

In a time when businesses and restaurants face restrictions and difficulties concerning the global COVID-19 pandemic, a Seal Beach favorite is still firing up the grill to feed locals in Old Town. As the name implies, Charo Chicken’s char-grilled chicken is what continues to attract hungry walk-ins. The pandemic seems to have little effect on their loyal customers’ desire for a tasty meal; even their lack of large outdoor seating areas can’t seem to keep customers away, as their contact-free online ordering and delivery services continue to taxi their chicken anywhere in the area. Manager Manuel Bernao of Seal Beach Charo Chicken has abided by local and state restrictions concerning the coronavirus and continues to serve the Seal Beach community by encouraging mask wearing and enforcing guidelines from the health department. In a time of uncertainty, one thing is certain: Seal Beach loves its chicken!

Sun Newspapers: What challenges are you facing with the changing restaurant environment?

Manuel Bernao: It’s been really hard to get used to working with the face mask on all the time, but we are doing what’s best for us and for our customers.

Sun: Has your business received support from the city?

Bernao: We have been getting a lot of help from the Seal Beach community, keeping us busy since the beginning of this situation.

Sun: Have city staff been helpful?

Bernao: Yes they been helpful, keeping all businesses following the rules to ensure and to avoid everyone that feels sick to stay home.

Sun: What do you think the city should do?

Bernao: I think the city should continue doing what they have been doing to protect this community.

Sun: Have you or your staff had problems with customers who object to the mask mandate?

Bernao: No not all, all customers are doing their part, the only thing is a lot of customers getting upset about not having our restroom open to the public, but we are just following the health department rules, for everyone’s sake.

Sun: Do you expect to still be in business next year?

Bernao: Yes of course with the help of all our loyal customers we are looking forward to it.