Opinion: Rossmoorgate

Joyce Bloom

The Notice of Public Hearing appeared in the Thursday, Dec. 2, 2010 edition of the Sun.  Attend the Public Hearing on December 14, 2010 at RCSD, 3001 Blume Dr., Rossmoor.

Is the Rossmoor Community Services District intent on increasing the amount of money spent on director’s compensation?

As Sarah Palin would say, “You betcha.”

I called the RCSD as advised in the Notice and was told I’d have to come to the RCSD office at 3001 Blume Dr. to obtain a copy of the proposed ordinance.

I went to the office and was told that I had to fill out information about who I was and where I lived.

I replied that there was no law mandating that. Mr. Henry Taboada (manager) was called and he told me RCSD policy required payment and signature for papers requested.

I guess he recognized me as a potential troublemaker and he gave me the papers I requested without charge and without signing.

The point is that everyone who lives in the RCSD community is entitled to know what is going on without paying for that knowledge or having to inform the RCSD where you live and who you are.

What was the new ordinance going to do?

It is designed to allow RCSD Directors to make more money by getting paid for attending district ad hoc or advisory meetings, conferences community meetings or other events requested by the Board of Directors.  In other words, this is a new kind of Bell, but on a smaller scale.

Directors now earn $100 for a once per month meeting and this is defined as “Day of Service.”

The new ordinance expands the definition of Day of Service to possibly included items that are not within the jurisdiction of the RCSD and some of the above.

Mr. Taboada seems intent on expanding the scope of the RCSD.  Coyotes? Police? Traffic Enforcement?

Boundary and Service Issues?  The RCSD spent over $100,000 for the referendum on cityhood, which few wanted?

Mr. Taboada had problems when he worked for Long Beach as city manager there.

He was hired by RCSD for $40 per hour.  He now gets $60 per hour and is increasing his hours.

I think he wants to do the same for the RCSD directors.

Nice guy.

Joyce Bloom is a longtime Rossmoor resident and has served on the Rossmoor Community Services District.


Opinion: Rossmoorgate