Opinion: Creating a Wall of Valor

Girl Scout Meagan Boyd is a junior at Los Alamitos High School and grew up in Seal Beach.

It seems that almost nightly, every news program on every channel has a report on the war against terror in Iraq or Afghanistan.

I hear about our soldiers on the front lines and this gave me an idea. What could I do to say thanks to our troops for doing so much to protect my freedoms that would be more than just a one time event?

I am a junior at Los Alamitos High School and personally have family and friends currently serving in the military so I decided to create the Los Alamitos High School Wall of Valor.

The Wall of Valor is a permanent display on the LAHS campus that will honor & recognize all LAHS Alumni who have or are currently serving in the United States military.

The name and photo along with the branch of service and dates served of any and all LAHS alumni who fought for our freedoms will be on permanent display on the Wall of Valor.

Freedom isn’t free and I was very moved after seeing our soldiers, not much older than me, come home after serving in Iraq or Afghanistan, some missing arms or legs.  I just felt I need to do something to honor their sacrifice and say thanks.

I started calling and sending emails to the VFW and the American Legion asking for their help.  It’s been harder than I thought to put together the names of former LAHS alumni who have served in the military but I feel just getting the display case up and starting the Wall of Valor was very important.

Once the case is up and people see it and maybe see a soldier, marine or airman they know, word will get out. After all I want this to be a tradition that continues, not just a one-time deal, and if we run out of space that would be great – we’ll buy another display case.

I am asking anyone who reads this if they know someone who attended LAHS then went on to serve in the military please write to me at:

lahswallofvalor@gmail.com with a name and way to contact the alumni who served.

If you want to help support the Wall of Valor financially donations can be sent to: Los Alamitos High School, 3591 Cerritos Avenue, Los Alamitos, CA  90740. All checks are to be made payable to Los Alamitos High School and in the memo section please write Wall of Valor.  Your contribution will help ensure we don’t forget local students who went on to serve in our military.

Seal Beach and Los Alamitos have something in common beside my high school; they both have military bases, in fact they are the only two military bases left in Orange County. We should be proud of this and the Wall of Valor helps to show we value our students who choose to sacrifice and go into the military. Not many 18 year olds today are willing to put down their iphones and pick up a gun to fight for what they believe in.

I’ve been a Girl Scout since I was five and the Wall of Valor is my community service project for my Girl Scout Gold Award. The Gold Award is the highest award a Girl Scout can earn & the equivalent of the Boy Scout eagle award. I am hoping to make the Wall of Valor a huge success that will serve as a permanent thank you from our community to everyone who has served our country to protect and defend the freedoms we enjoy!

Girl Scout Meagan Boyd is a junior at Los Alamitos High School and grew up in Seal Beach.