October crime statistics: One rape, one attempt rape


There was one rape and one attempted reported to Seal Beach police in October, according to the monthly “Offenses Reported or Known to Police.” There were zero rapes reported in September, according to the report for that month.

There were five robberies in October—three strong arm robberies, one involving a knife and one involving a firearm. (There was one strong arm robbery reported in September according to the “Offenses Reported or Known” for that month.)

There were 14 assaults in October, of which three were apparently aggravated. There were 11 “non-aggravated” assaults in the known offenses report. (There were nine reported in September, according to that month’s crime data.)

One of the assualts involved the use of a knife or “cutting instrument.” Two of the assaults involved the use of “other,” unspecified, “dangerous weapons.”

Larceny, however, remained the most frequently reported type of crime in Seal Beach and the most frequently reported type of larceny was theft from cars.

Property crime

Criminals apparently stole $155,219 worth of property in October, according to the monthly report on stolen by category of property that Seal Beach Police recently released. Stolen vehicles represented $108,001 worth of lost property.

Police recovered $122,360 worth of stolen property. Stolen cars represented $122,000 of recovered property and apparently included property stolen in prior months.

Criminals took $13,977 in currency in October.

There were six burglaries—called “B&E” in the known offenses report. Five of the six October burglaries involved known offenses report.

None of the October burglaries were residential B&Es, according to the monthly report of property stolen by “classification,” meaning type of crime.

The six “non-residence” burglaries, (from stores, offices, etc.), included four break-ins between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m.

There were eight vehicle thefts in October. Six of the stolen vehicles were cars and two were classified as “other vehicles.”

There were 48 larceny crimes documented in October. (There were 47 in September.) The known offenses report did not provide a breakdown of “larceny,” which covers a variety of types of theft.

However, the report on stolen property by crime classification did provide a breakdown:

• There were two shoplifting crimes documented in October. (Under certain circumstances incidents that civilians would consider shoplifting may be prosecuted as business burglaries.)

• There were 31 thefts from cars—not including stolen car parts. (No car parts were listed as stolen in the report on property stolen by crime.) Thefts from cars accounted for the loss of $23,040 worth of lost property.

• Two bicycles were stolen. Together, they were valued at $1,300.

• Thefts from buildings that weren’t classified as burglaries or shoplifting accounted for five of October’s larcenies.

Those thefts accounted for the lost of $ 4,100.

The data was released on Nov. 26 in response to requests for police statistics filed under the California Public Records Act Request. (The Sun currently files requests for the month’s crime statistics as soon as the previous month’s statistics are released.)

October crime statistics: One rape, one attempt rape