Sewer spill leads to closure of harbor area

The area pictured above shows area impacted by the reported spillage of 60,000 gallons of sewage spill. Artwork courtesy of Orange County Health Care Agency

The County of Orange Health Care Agency’s Environmental Health division has closed the harbor water area encompassing Anaheim Bay, Sunset Aquatic Marina, Portofino Cove, Anderson Street Marina, Mother’s Beach, and Admiralty Drive in the City of Huntington Beach due to a sewage spill. The spill of approximately 60,000 gallons was caused by a sewer main blockage in the city of Stanton.

The affected bay water area will remain closed to ocean water-contact sports until the results of follow-up water quality monitoring meet acceptable standards.

For information regarding Orange County ocean, bay or harbor postings and closures, call 714-433-6400 or visit our website at To report a sewage spill, call 714- 433-6419.