Note to all Seal Beach City Council Candidates

All certified candidates for the Seal Beach City Council election to be held in November that want to participate in the Sun Newspaper’s City Council Candidate Questionnaire series need to send their photo as a color jpg file by e-mail to by Monday, Aug. 23.

The Sun’s editor will respond with directions to follow on how the Sun will be covering the election.

The Sun intends to proceed in a manner that is intended to give each candidate an equal amount of space in the paper to state their case for why they are the best candidates in their district race.

The Sun will run a weekly feature with questions for the candidates starting in the Thursday, Sept. 9 edition of the Sun. The final question will appear in the Sun edition two weeks prior to the election.

The first question is: Why are you the best candidate for your district? The word count is 300 words per candidate. Answers are due by Sunday, Sept. 5 at 10 p.m.

From now on the candidates will learn each week’s question as it appears in the Sun Newspaper on each Thursday’s publication.

Answers will be due to the editor by e-mail at 10 p.m. on the following Sunday. No late e-mailed answers will be recognized.

Word limits for answers will be held to strict guidelines and can change each week – watch the Sun for any changes.  For any questions, send e-mail to

The Sun is also soliciting questions from the general public to be asked of the candidates. All candidates will be asked the same question each week. Send your question suggestions by e-mail to