Memorial Day Ceremony here Monday at 11 a.m.

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The Memorial Day Ceremony will be presented on Monday, MAY 29, 2017 at 11 a.m. at the Eisenhower Park on Ocean Boulevard, near the Seal Beach Pier, hosted by the S. B. American Legion Post 857, and the S. B. Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 4048.  Included will be some exciting American Patriotic Music, a few guest speakers,  a 17th Anniversary presentation of the “Military Veterans Plaque.”   Program-Agendas will be distributed at the Ceremony.

Many people still wonder what the difference is between Memorial Day and Veterans Day.

VETERANS DAY comes on Nov. 11 on the 11th HOUR, on the 11TH DAY of the 11th MONTH.  It is a day of remembrance especially for those military veterans who sacrificed their lives so that those of us who remain may continue to live in LIBERTY AND FREEDOM.  It is remembered as the day we commemorate the veterans of all wars.

MEMORIAL DAY is the day we honor all the men and women who have died in the military service of our country.  Memorial Day is also the day we distribute blood-red flowers known as “Buddy Poppies.” Poppies will be available at a table at the Ceremony.  ALL donations received will be greatly appreciated and placed in veterans relief funds.

Another way all veterans are honored is with the “Military Veterans Plaque.”  This 36 inch by 32 inch bronze plaque, mounted on a concrete pedestal can be seen at the entrance to the Seal Beach Pier. It was designed by Bill Thomas with suggestions from various members of American Legion Post 857 and Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 857.

Monies collected to pay for the plaque were the accumulated donations from numerous individuals and organizations. One contributor especially, was the S.B. Lions Club, which arranged to receive a high portion of the net proceeds of a professional ice hockey game in Long Beach.  One other great contributor was the building contractor who donated all the materials required, and the labor costs of all his workmen who built the concrete pedestal the plaque rests on.

The plaque was first introduced, dedicated, and presented at the MEMORIAL DAY CELEBRATION in 2000, 17 years ago.   It was also donated to the city of Seal Beach.

A NOTE OF INTEREST… The two S. B. veterans organizations may need to leave Seal Beach.  The “few” remaining Post members may transfer to other Posts in nearby cities.  This means the Posts’ and Ladies Auxiliary members will not be available to “stage” their annual national patriotic ceremonies like the Memorial Day and Veterans Day ceremonies, nor participate in Seal Beach’s annual Family-Christmas Parade in December.  The Ladies Auxiliary will need to cease their assistance to local needy families, and end their Thanksgiving and Christmas food and gift-giving activities.

To continue the annual patriotic ceremonies, namely Memorial Day in May, and Veterans Day in November, and participation in the Family Christmas Parade in December, will all depend on the request and permission of the Seal Beach City Council.

Bill Thomas of Rossmoor is a Veteran of World War II, and Past Commander of VFW Post 4048, and American Legion Post 857.?Contact Bill at