Aunt Gertie was Touched By An Angel

Aunt Gertie and Kym Mica Ramaila.

Aunt Gertie’s broom wouldn’t start.  So I gave the damn thing a tune-up, transmission overhaul and a new coat of shiny purple paint.  Hopped on, kicked that sucker into gear and flew like a bat out of hell to the Angel Store at 130 Main Street in Seal Beach.  Parked my newly restored ride by the door and waltzed into this amazing place.  Oh honey!  Aunt Gertie felt right at home with all the quaint and delightful angels, fairies and elves.  Kym was waiting for me, sat me down and handed me a refreshing bottle of water.  She knew how to treat Aunt Gertie right from the get go.

Kym Mica Ramaila, is a lady with a very sweet voice but underneath her beautiful exterior is a woman of many talents.  She’s got a bucket list a mile long with a whole slew of entries already checked off and I ran out of paper trying to write it all down!  Sheesh!

Kym moved from the Ventura area to be a caregiver for her 95 year old grandmother in Leisure World.  For 20 years she sold semi-conductors in the aero-space industry and even had her own business selling them.  She also was a cardio instructor for Hot Hulu Fitness!  Wow!  Aunt Gertie is worn out already just thinking about Kym’s career!  She loves people and it was so evident as she welcomed them into her store during our interview.  She worked at the Angel Store for five years before buying it from Mary Grace Souter on July 15, 2016.  Ms. Souter creates original pictures with mottoes, still available at the store.  My favorite says, “Just a Girl, Changing the World, One Rhinestone at a Time!”  The Mark Roberts, Limited Edition, Fairies & Elves have a Numbered Registration card and Certificate.  Each one is a handmade, one-of-a-kind doll with a lifelike face.  Another favorite is Sergio Guitterez, liquid metal creations.  Kym’s store is filled with inspirational greeting cards, jewelry, art and tons of nifty gifts!

Aunt Gertie is blasting off on my super-charged broomstick with the Flying Angel Brigade guiding me down Main Street.  Get one of Kym’s angels today, click your heels and a magical broom will appear and you too will have the best ride in town