McGaugh student becomes Editor for Day

Lucas Wadleigh is pictured with Sun News editor, Ted Apodaca after spending the afternoon working with the Sun staff and helping get the paper ready for press.

The Sun News recently had McGaugh Elementary School student Lucas Wadleigh spend the afternoon in the office as the Editor for the Day. Lucas helped with some proof reading, learned a little about how we put the paper together with InDesign page layout program and shared some of his writing with us.

Lucas is an avid writer and had some examples of his work to share, including a very well-written essay on whether or not children should be paid for the chores they do around the house. It might surprise some to find that his stance was that, they should not be paid.

He made some edits to make it read more like an opinion column and we ran it in this week’s issue.(See the column).

After getting the Sun News ready for press, we enjoyed lunch and then gave Lucas a tutorial on how we upload the paper content to the website. He was a quick study on that and was able to upload several articles. Unfortunately, he had a baseball game to get to and we lost our student worker.

Lucas is displaying a solid foundation for a writing career. Although, as a left-handed pitcher for a travel baseball team, we might also one day be watching him do some big things on the mound. His day here was part of an auction item for a fundraiser. We are actually backed up on participants because COVID required the postponement of some of our student editors.

As things are getting back to normal, we will be looking to reschedule more of our delayed student Editors of the Day.