Local surf competition wait kicks off in Seal Beach


Katin Surf Shop recently kicked off its Surfing Championships. The local competition, which will raise funds for Operation Surf, will take place sometime this month and February.

The contest has been held since 1998, and has donated to local charities each year, including McGaugh Elementary School and Project SEEK.

This year it will be raising funds for Operation Surf, which supports active duty military, wounded and injured servicemen, and veteran heroes through surfing to support healing and moving forward in a positive direction.

The annual competition brings surf crowds to Seal Beach and helps local businesses to thrive as visitors come from neighboring surf communities to compete and spectate.

It also helps to support the local surf community by giving them a fun opportunity to display their skills and meet other surfers. The competition is friendly to all ages and levels of experience, as well, which allows young surfers to get into the world of competitive surfing on a fun, local level.

The waiting period for the surf contest runs from Jan. 7 to Feb. 26 to ensure the best possible surf conditions for the competition.

The competition is open to everybody, and has age groups ranging from 11 and under to 50 and up.

The official dates for the competition are usually announced the week before, and takes place that weekend.

Sign-up forms are available at the Katin Surf Shop in Huntington Beach, local surf shops, or can be found at the link provided by the Seal Beach Lifeguard Association.

For more information about the competition, contact the Katin Surf Shop in Huntington Beach.

Divisions for the Seal Beach Surfing Championships 2017:

Menehune—co-ed 11 and under

Grom—co-ed 12-14

Wahine—girls 18 & under

Juniors—co-ed 15-17

Open Shortboard—all ages

Open Longboard—all ages

Masters Shortboard—35-50

Masters Longboard—35-50

Womens—all ages


Online Sign-ups: http://tinyurl.com/sbla2017

Local surf competition wait kicks off in Seal Beach