Lions restore World War II Submarine Memorial

Seal Beach Lions work at restoring World War II Submarine Memorial at Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach.

Lion David Lynn’s dad asked him to come with him to visit the World War II Submarine Memorial located at the entrance to the Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach because he wanted to pay tribute to a friend who lost his life on a submarine during the war.  Both men were surprised to see the condition of the memorial so Lion Lynn decided to do something.

Lion Lynn approached Lion Kevin Young about the project.  Lion Kevin retired from the Navy and the Seal Beach Weapons Station was his last base.  They contacted a restoration company, Restoration ArTechs, about the restoration of all the plaques in the memorial.  The company agreed to complete the project at a substantially reduced cost if the Seal Beach Lions would help with the preparation of the plaques and painting the memorials.

Lions Lynn and Young submitted the project to the Seal Beach Lions Club and in two weeks the club collected donations from members of the club in the amount of $12,000 to pay for the cost of the restoration of the bronze plaques on each of the monuments commemorating the subs lost at sea.  Work began with Lions scraping off the sealer on each of the bronze plaques thus preparing them for work by Restoration ArTechs.  That company will sandblast the finer spots that the Lions could not reach and then restore the patina to the plaques.  The final step will be for the Lions to paint the remainder of the monuments and spruce up the grounds.

The World War II Submarine Memorial commemorates the loss of 3,305 men who died on their submarines during that war.  Since that war, two other submarines have  been lost bringing the total to 3,833 sailors who died but are considered “Still On Patrol.”  It is the club’s hope that other Lions Clubs throughout the United States will also participate in similar projects dedicated to honor those who paid the ultimate sacrifice.