Lifeguard chief says public taking beach rules well

Visitors to Seal Beach's beach during the 2020 Memorial Day Weekend. Photo by Charles M. Kelly

Seal Beach Marine Safety Chief Joe Bailey told the City Council Tuesday, May 26, that overall the public reacted well to the rules for being on the beach over the Memorial Day weekend. According to Bailey, Lifeguards performed four rescues, six boat rescues, two medical aid calls and treated nine stingray injuries.

He described those as “standard stats.”

Memorial weekend beach in motion

Bailey spoke during the update by staff on the COVID-19 situation in Seal Beach.

Bailey said there were some people who thought it was OK to bring dogs to the beach.

Bailey said there were Lifeguard trucks on either side of the beach, educating the public about and enforcing the Beach in Motion policy that requires the public to be active on the beach.

Bailey said Lifeguards had 3,305 contacts with people.

“It was generally received well from the public,” Bailey.

In the parking lot, they had sandwhich boards in the parking lot to block off every other parking space. Bailey said they went well, too.

He said he assumed there would be issues with people moving the sandwhich boards. However, according to Bailey there were no issues. He gave kudos to the Seal Beach Police Department and parking enforcement.

Seal Beach Police honored for COVID-19 efforts

In other news, the council presented the Seal Beach Police Department with a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition signed on May 15 by Rep. Harley Rouda, “presented to the Seal Beach Police Department in recognitionof your meritorious service to our community, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. In honor of National Police Week, we pause to honor your ccourage, perseverance and selfless devotion to duty and express our sincere gratitude and appreciaton.”

Business news

Les Johnson told the council that on tuesday, May 26, Gov. Gavin Newsom had announced the first phase of the next stage of California’s reopenings.

According to Johnson, nail salons, gyms, bars and movie theaters still could not open. (That may change by the time you read this article.) Hair salons and barbershops will be allowed to reopen with some restrictions.

In reviewing the reopening of local businesses over the weekend, Johnson said Orange County conditionally approved in-person dining, reopening of retail and manufacturing businesses, as well as the reopening of offices where telecomutting is not possible.

Lifeguard chief says public taking beach rules well