Letters to the Editor: Thursdsay, May 28, 2020


Pot is for sale, but not pots and pans

Dear Editor,

Seal Beach’s breezy Electric Avenue Park, quaint Main Street restaurants, picturesque shops and iconic pier entices people to visit the city. As a bonus, visitors might learn things during their stay. For instance, last week during an afternoon visit I discovered that automobiles could spread and be infected by the COVID-19 virus!

Why else would the recently reopened Seal Beach parking lot have every other space closed off? Could it be auto social distancing?

Bureaucrats who made this ridiculous decision probably never considered that if two cars simultaneously pulled into side-by-side parking spots, one car would wait while the other emptied. This and other ludicrous lockdown regulations are why many freedom rallies continue to be held up and down the state including the Saturday, May 23 rally in Los Alamitos. Some absurd lockdown regulation examples include:

• Assuming you could be infected with the virus at 5’10” but not at 5’12” (6 feet).

• Dogs can get their hair cut and teeth cleaned, but their human owners can’t.

• People can sit spaced apart on the grass that overlooks the beach, but they can’t sit spaced apart on the beach.

• Friends could gather in a supermarket but not in a church.

• Clothes were sold at big-box stores while clothing stores were closed.

• Homeless are given free housing, alcohol and drugs and illegal aliens given stimulus money, while others are struggling to pay their rent/mortgage.

• Felons were let out of prison while law-abiding citizens are arrested for trying to earn a living.

• Women were walking into Planned Parenthood to abort their baby, but stores that sold baby furniture were closed.

• Pot is for sale but not pots and pans.

On May 23, while waving flags and holding signs on all four corners at the Katella/Los Alamitos intersection, patriotic Americans demanded that Gov. Newsom stop slow walking the state’s reopening. Most drivers going through the intersection gave thumbs up while enthusiastically honking their cars’ horn.

Red states are reopening and will enjoy an economic renaissance while blue states will continue singing the economic blues.

Robin Itzler

Cypress, California

Letters to the Editor: Thursdsay, May 28, 2020