Letters to the Editor: Thursday, Nov. 9, 2017

Would like to give thanks
My name is Lisa Massion a homeowner in Rossmoor. We had a garage fire last Wednesday in the middle of the World Series Game. I want to give thanks to the OC Fire Department and to one special off duty fire fighter that was there on the scene.

Lisa Massion


Using common sense
Presently, the main topic around town with our City Council, City Hall, and residents is how to fund badly needed new police officer hires. We’ve heard suggestions from using the money set aside for funding our new pool construction to having a new monthly tax on home owners. Before we raid another fund or do another tax hike, let’s just plain use common sense and do what well managed corporations, even families have to do on a regular basis; review their income and expenses and live within those boundaries and stop any and all wasteful spending.

For the past seven years, city hall has been on a spending spree; expensive consultants have been hired on a regular basis to do jobs, tasks and reviews that our city staff should have and could be doing.  Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been spent on these outside firms resulting in little change. How many consultant firms did we need to change our parking meters or resident parking permit system, tags and machinery?  Why does each council member need a $20,000 per annum stipend to spend on their pet projects?  Should we have delayed the purchase of the new lifeguard boat until our city finances are more solvent?  Every little bit reviewed and saved helps hire a new officer.

A former city manager once said that Seal Beach has a Cadillac taste on a Ford budget.  Let’s look at what we really need to spend at city hall, stop raiding the legacy funds, stop hiring consultants that our staff can do the work on and for heavens sake, if we are owed oil revenue, then go and get it and definitely don’t hire a consultant and have them take a large chunk of it for their commission.

A well informed resident has suggested that an ad hoc citizen’s review board is greatly needed.  Our city is loaded with highly successful business minds that can greatly review, assist and suggest positive change in getting our fiscal health back in-line and find the funds for new PD hires. I’m very certain that the funding is there for the necessary new police hires; just some common fiscal sense, restraint and a thorough review is needed with our city management and council. Next year there will be a council election where three seats are up for vote.  Hopefully our city will get a new majority on our council that will bring in better management.

Marc Loopesko

Seal Beach

Breast cancer seminar broadens perspective
The Prevention of Breast Cancer Seminar recently held at St. Mary in Long Beach was overwhelming. A great number of supporters were enthusiastic providing supports to survivors.

Guest speakers with their expertise were very informative and educational. Cancer survivors’ stories regarding their ordeal of the healing process were terrific. Great support and love from families and friends were manifested. As a supporter, it really broadened my horizon in the subject of cancer prevention. Everything was well organized. Delicious and nutritious meals were served by friendly volunteers. Everyone was in good spirit.
Lisa A. Dickson

Mutual 1 Leisure World

Leisure World questions
During the past five (5) years, I have been writing and speaking to the Golden Rain Foundation Board, Leisure World in Seal Beach, regarding their FINANCE fees in Policy 5061-31.  In particular #7. Stock Transfer Legal Review of Trust fees.  This Amendment of Policy 5061-31, Fees is listed in the November 2, 2017 issue of LW Weekly newspaper.

When I re-read  #7.1, it seems to read that even if the owner of the Stock Certificate has placed it in their Living Trust and wants to SELL, there will be GRF’s lawyer’s fee of $125 just to review the Certification of Trust.

However, after checking with several financial institutions, banks and brokerage firms, etc.  No fees, the only necessary document is a copy of the Certification of Trust.  Also, if I want to redeem my CDs or SELL my stocks, there is no requirement regarding any LEGAL FEES.  All that is necessary is to bring to the offices of banks or brokerages your account numbers.

My latest request to Golden Rain Foundation Board was: “please provide me with the name of the law firm or attorney that will be given the $125 fee and thank you for your assistance in this matter.”

Carol Franz, Ph.D

Leisure World

Important alert!
I want to report two separate but important incidents that have happened in the last two days:

On Friday afternoon, a McGaugh parent had her purse stolen out of her car when she parked on Bayside to pick up her children from school.

While she is upset with herself for leaving her purse in her car, she was away from her car less than 10 minutes. The person(s) who stole her purse and wallet had charged thousands of dollars on her cards by the time she got home and called her bank.

Many of us value the sense of safety and security that the city of Seal Beach brings, but let this serve as a reminder that we are all vulnerable to those whose intentions are to benefit themselves or do harm to others. Please remember: do not leave valuables in your cars in or around school. Drop-off and Pick-up are opportune times for criminals to take advantage of unlocked cars and homes.

This morning at approximately 8, a suspicious looking man in his early 60s was seen on our campus. He was in the dugout at one of the baseball fields near Riviera and smoking a cigarette or cigar. Two different parents reported this to our office and immediately called the police. We went down to tell the man to leave campus. He complied. As he left campus and headed down Bolsa towards Pavilions, he was detained by SBPD for further questioning. It was discovered that he was an individual that should not be near a school. You are free to contact SBPD if you have questions.

This is why we ask parents to leave campus as soon as the morning bell rings so that we can get all non-school employees off campus and close and lock all gates. While we have approximately 10 staff members on duty every morning, this is a huge campus with many access points. A BIG thank you to our parents of McGaugh who frequently call and let us know when they see something or someone suspicious. It is always best when you “See something to say something.” We will always contact SBPD if we feel it is a safety issue or if we are not sure of one’s motives.

Let’s all be more diligent in keeping our eyes open in order to support and protect each other and our children. The more people watching, the safer our community will be. If you have questions, please feel free to call me.

Principal Roni Ellis

McGaugh Elementary

Highlights of school district goals

Every year, we update our Five District Priority Goals.

I’d like to highlight a few below:

1.3  Ensure every student is connected to school through academics, athletics, activities, and the arts.

1.4  Ensure all students have unparalleled preparation for College and Career Success:

Every student meets or exceeds grade-level/content standards on state assessments.

Maximize the successful completion of Algebra I in 8th grade.

Every student completes CSU/UC a-g college entrance requirements.

Every student completes at least one Advanced Placement course in high school.

These goals are important, regardless of whether a student eventually graduates and attends a community college, goes to a four-year college/university, enrolls in a trade school, joins the Military, or goes directly into the workforce.  Achieving the goals above helps prepare young people to be successful in whatever path they choose, helps them learn about their special talents, and helps them learn what they enjoy.

Many people ask me why we have a goal for completing at least one Advanced Placement course in high school.  AP course participation and exam performance have been positive associated with first-year college grade point average and retention to the second year of college.  When students are successful in high school taking college-level work, they gain confidence and know that college can be in their futures should this be their chosen path.  It is our job to help students cultivate dreams for their futures and to prepare them to achieve these dreams following high school.   It is an honor to partner with you and to work with our communities’ children.

Sherry Kropp

Los Alamitos Unified School District