Letters to the Editor: Thursday, May 4, 2016


Learn to tolerate differences, don’t be offended

After reading The Sun Letter to the Editor dated April 27, 2017 regarding items left on the beach, I must agree with the writer. I live on the sand and see the trash left behind for city staff to remove; broken chairs, broken umbrellas and EZ up canopies. Items are left every weekend and our city staff is wonderful about clearing off the beach trash and I commend them.

BUT if the real complaint from the writer was a cross left on a public beach and he felt he must publicly impose his outrage on the rest of us then I feel compelled to produce a list of things I find offensive.

I am offended by intolerance. I am offended by people who feel the world should care that they are offended. I am offended by people who use the “f” word around little kids. I am offended by the lack of clothing many women wear to the beach. I am offended by Beyonce and the trash the entertainment industry produces. There are many things that offend me but I know we live in a society where people do not care what I find offensive so I do what most adults do. I have learned to tolerate the differences of a crowded suburban society. If it comes to a point where things become intolerable, I can always move to the desert or the mountains and become my own little intolerant community of me, myself and I.

So my advice to all who “feel” they have the “right” to go through life not being offended; suck it up buttercup and do what most adults do, know that most people don’t care if you are offended, get over yourself and get on with your life.

Margene Walz

Seal Beach

Writer opposes LA Fitness

I strongly oppose the LA Fitness Project in the Shops at Rossmoor. No mitigation can compensate for the loss of peace, quiet and safety that will certainly result from the proposed construction of a 37,000 square-foot health club in the middle of our residential neighborhood.

For many years I resided in Anaheim—across the street from a major health club of which I was a member. Clients arrived and departed continually, night and day. The adjacent parking lot was the site for many forms of crime—drug dealing, gang activity, muggings and a base-of-operation for neighborhood vandalism, robbery and human trafficking. It was noisy, dangerous and heaped with refuse. Even stepped-up law enforcement could not keep pace with the criminal activity.

According to the Seal Beach Environmental Quality Control Board, the Environmental Impact Report conducted on this project “could not encompass issues of crime.” I think that speaks for itself. Surely residents of Seal Beach would not want such a project in their back yard.

Plus, EIRs are notorious for misrepresentation of facts, omissions and errors. A member of Coalition Against LA Fitness cited several examples of contradictory data in the EIR before the Seal Beach Environmental Quality Control Board. In April of 2012, the EQCB voted down the Bay City Partners EIR for good reason. Much of the land in that proposed project was contaminated or under water.

Let’s learn from mistakes of the past and not give crime a foothold in our precious community!

Diane Rush


Library Board against LA Fitness

The Los Alamitos-Rossmoor Friends of the Library Board of Directors has taken a position of strong opposition to the construction of the 37,000 sq.ft. LA Fitness facility to be located in the Shops of Rossmoor for the following reasons:

1. Proximity.  The location of the planned facility is in extreme close proximity to our library, one of the most highly patronized libraries in the county, serving  the communities of Seal Beach, Los Alamitos, Cypress, Rossmoor; in addition, this location is adjacent to residential neighborhoods making it incompatible with the area.

2. Traffic/Safety.  The impact of increased traffic of approximately 2000 trips per day poses a major safety problem for our library patrons, especially our school children who use the library after school hours which is also heavy use time for gyms.

For these reasons, the Los Al-Rossmoor Friends of the Library Board stands in opposition to the  LA Fitness project.

Action taken at Los Alamitos-Rossmoor Board Meeting, April 12, 2017.

Del Clark, President


Don’t need big gym

Thank you for taking the time to list the pro and cons of the gym. I really don’t like parking restrictions. I also think a BIG gym is so lame. I think the city of Seal Beach should encourage outdoor activities. We have the best weather in the world, let’s brag about that! I think the gym is a crazy idea. I also have heard that there is often times where people live in cars in the surrounding areas, they visit the GYM to shower then head to work, then back to sleep in a car near the gym. This may not be a real negative subject as these people are not always criminals, they just can’t afford rents or living in the areas that they work in, but I would not like to see in front of my house.  Thank you for listening and taking the time to listen to all the comments.

Mike Massion


Hopeful gym will be denied

I am truly hopeful that when the decision time comes for this project that common sense prevails.  These “studies” are prepared for this parcel, and this parcel only. They are bought and paid for by the developer. No math was explored to include the entire area and the negative impact to all of our communities.  We are supposed to hang our hopes on these numbers to protect our quality of life. Hope is not a method, and the proposed mitigations are not sufficient by any means.

There is no accounting for human behavior and the impact of what we know to be REAL. This will bring more traffic to an already dangerously congested area. Crime will increase and spread to the neighborhood and also put shoppers at risk.

The people in favor of this project cite one thing: personal convenience and saving 10 to 15 minutes here and there.  Remember, they get to leave after their workouts and GO HOME. We are left to deal with everything else around the clock.

When the convenience of a few outweighs preserving the quality of life for the majority, the decision is easy.  Just do the right thing.  Work with your community, and be a good neighbor.

Susan Taylor


We have 3 LA Fitness gyms in 3.8 miles

As an owner and resident of the Rossmoor Park area,  I wish to raise my objections to the proposed LA Fitness project.  The traffic and congestion is already bad in the area, especially at the times when LA Fitness gyms have the most attendance.

With the increase in traffic it will cause additional delays and hardship to current property taxpayers.

This is also the time when local children are likely to be out on the streets or on their bikes, putting them at higher risk of injury or death.  It’s likely that people who would normally shop at the Shops at Rossmoor will go elsewhere if they are unable to get access or find parking.

There are three LA Fitness facilities within 3.8 miles of this proposed location, so this one is unnecessary.  Their websites show a graph of their busiest times, all of which coincide with commute traffic and shoppers.

I would like to see Rossmoor property values improve, not go down due to increases in congestion and the other issues such as crime in our neighborhood.

Janis Hawkridge

Seal Beach

Safety concerns about gym

I oppose the addition of the fitness building for many reasons.  The main reason I am in opposition is my concern for safety.  I drive Montecito every morning to drop my daughter off at Rossmoor Elementary school.  One morning I was stopped at the corner of Montecito and Bradbury, waiting for cross traffic.

My daughter and I were talking and before I could honk my horn a car had hit a teenager crossing the street on his bike.  My 7-year-old daughter and I both screamed in horror as we watched this poor boy be thrown off his bike, over the car, and slam to the ground, right in front of us and we couldn’t stop it or help him.  I crossed the intersection and pulled over to offer help and call for an ambulance.

For the three years we have been driving this route I have seen several close calls and this was by far the worst.  I can’t begin to imagine how many more accidents or close calls will occur if we add more traffic to the area.  Please take the safety of the children into account and consider how the extra traffic will affect the safety of the kids that walk or bike to school.  I believe this is a terrible location and the children will suffer with the additional traffic.

Cheri Real


Love the quiet here

I recently moved to Rossmoor from one of the condo buildings on Montecito Road in Seal Beach. My favorite part about living in the condos was the access to shopping while still being in a quiet setting.

I oppose the request by LA Fitness to build in the parking lot behind the condos.

The peaceful, neighborhood feel of that center will severely diminish.

The center right now is highly walkable, with walking routes actually mapped out with distances. If you build a gym, any gym, there, you will shatter the walkability of that entire center. I will never let my young children walk through there, as the increased traffic volume will make it unsafe for them to do so.

I also worry about the increase of crime. I have a few friends who had their cars broken in to in the gym parking lot on Valley View and had hundreds of dollars of belongings each stolen.

The police told them gyms are targets for thieves because people often go to the gym on their way home from other places, leaving many of their belongings in the car.  I worry that these individuals will seep into the streets of Rossmoor and that we will see an increase of property crime, especially on the streets nearest the center. Please picture this gym outside your backdoor, as it literally will be for several hundred Seal Beach residents.  Please.  LA Fitness needs to find a more appropriate location.

Melissa Roudabush


Stand up for Rossmoor residents

I am writing to let you know that I am extremely opposed to an LA Fitness gym being built in the shopping center at the end of my street. I live on Brimhall Drive in Rossmoor. My street exits at Montecito right by the library. My children and I walk, ride bikes, and shop in the area of the neighborhood that will be most impacted by this gym.

The traffic is already so bad, and I know that this gym would bring in so many more cars and people.

I know I don’t live in Seal Beach, but I do shop in Seal Beach, and the success of the local shopping center depends on the Rossmoor homeowners. Until this point, we have seen the shopping center as an asset to the community. We eat there and shop there…we keep it in business.

Someone needs to stand up for Rossmoor residents. As a county “island” we do not have the same influence on city councils and decision makers. One of the reasons that the shopping centers surrounding Rossmoor are so attractive to businesses is because of the families in Rossmoor. And the residents in Rossmoor do not want this huge gym, and the traffic it will bring to our community.

I hope the shopping center developer will consider our input and value our patronage. Please say no to LA Fitness…it is just too much for this community.

Jennifer Burrell


Gridlock expected

Over 33,000 additional daily car trips are projected for developing local projects per recent traffic studies available through gridlock city….

Let’s see ….33,000 X 360 ( to be a little conservative) = 11 million 880 thousand “additional annual car trips” from local projects in the “works” … WOW … WOW … WOW!!!!! ?Ask your elected reprsentativs how they plan to mitigate the negative impact of that on your quality of life. And don’t stop asking until you get an answer Are they making things better or are they making things worse?

Doug Smith


Letters to the Editor: Thursday, May 4, 2016