Letters to the Editor: Thursday, March 16, 2017


Machines of death?

At the last Golden Rain Foundation directors meeting I was dismayed to hear a yes vote for placing 24-26 defibrillators in areas where we play our games, use the gym, or meet with our friends. I urge you to rescind this vote for what I think is a misguided attempt to “save our lives.” I strongly believe it would be better to leave the defibrillators in the hands of the professionals and not in the hands of amateurs. The professionals are close by and know the difference between a heart problem, a stroke, and fainting. They are all trained to use a defibrillator correctly and receive routine class work to help them keep alert.

Where will all these machines of death be placed? Who will be the volunteers? I may have to remove myself from Leisure World to keep myself free of these “saviors of death.”

We should not have our GRF directors, executive manager or volunteers making decisions to use jolts of electricity. This should, at the very least, be all of our decisions after professional (not by the sales person) persons in the medical field.

Prepare our community to be hit with multiple lawsuits against Leisure World and the volunteers.

Yes, I am an old nurse who has delivered the jolt of electricity many times in a professional setting. There is much more to it than how easy it is! I do not give you permission to ever let an amateur practice on me. My death is planned with my family and physician.

Leisure World – HANDS OFF.

Betty Scharf

Leisure World

Police support at City Council meeting

As a retired Police Sergeant from the Seal Beach Police Department I feel it necessary to make a statement. I am going to call attention to an event that transpired at the Monday, March 13, 2017 Council meeting.  The majority of sworn Seal Beach Police Officers and Support Staff members gathered at the meeting to support their department and the city. More specifically, they were there to support the findings of the recently concluded personnel matter. In unison, they collectively stood behind Acting Chief Joe Miller, in support of the findings. What this means is that your police officers felt that the investigation was done properly and that the best outcome for all involved was achieved. Please do not let this sentiment pass without looking deeply into it. These men and women are highly skilled professionals, dedicated to their mission. They did not take this matter lightly and did not fail in their directive to maintain a neutral and silent position during the process. They have spoken now in support, and there needs to be credence given to the statement they made. Please do not allow that action to fall to the want ads at the back of the paper.

John Scott

Retired, Seal Beach Police

Letters to the Editor: Thursday, March 16, 2017