Letters to the Editor: Thursday, Feb. 23, 2012


Wither goest our liberty?

In Esther Kenyon’s recent Chamber Corner article (“Tax credit available to small business”), she asserts that we have the greatest form of government devised by man, of which I wholeheartedly agree. In her piece, she cites Lincoln’s passage “of the people, by the people, and for the people” as a call for citizens to be engaged and informed.

Again, wholehearted agreement. She then suggests that we need to keep abreast of the issues and analyze their potential effects, primarily associated with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (more commonly referred to as ObamaCare).

Well, I for one have kept abreast of this debacle, and as time goes on, I like less and less of what I see.

I watched as our state Senator Nancy Pelosi suggested to the American people that “we need to pass this bill, to find out what’s in it.” I’ve watched a president, and elected representatives oppose the will of “we the people” to pass legislation that “we” full-throatedly opposed. This week, we learn that ObamaCare [presumably] gives power to the president and Health and Human Services to impose contraceptives, sterilization and abortifacients against our conscience and religious liberties. Today, we learn that the revenue production associated with ObamaCare is not taxation, when taxation is the very argument that the administration had prepared to defend for the Supreme Court.

Thanks though for your informing us of the tax benefits associated with the legislation. Sadly though, they don’t cover the increase in premiums resulting from the passage of the bill.

If we are dumb enough to continue to vote for representatives that tell us that “we’ll find out what’s in the bill after they pass it,” then we deserve the government that we elect to power. One day, we will look back longingly and remember—liberty.

Earick Ward

Seal Beach

Assisted living option for Leisure World

There was a survey in the Feb. 9 Leisure World Golden Rain News concerning the land use of the Westminster Property.  Although offering multiple choices, it is apparent that the survey is looking for confirmation that Leisure World shareholders would like to see a rental self-storage unit on the property.

I believe it is time for all of Leisure World to consider the option of assisted living facilities for those shareholders who can no longer care for themselves.

I heard at our last Mutual board meeting that there are residents who call security and 911 daily for help in getting to the bathroom or getting food. We have been shortsighted in not planning for this inevitability within our community.

Multiple use apartments within a retirement community is not a new concept. Go on-line to Boutwells.org; this is a beautiful facility in Stillwater, Minnesota that has planned for all the possibilities that may affect seniors as they age.

We do not have to re-invent the wheel; we can copy and adapt.

Let’s put our energies to planning for the future of all shareholders in Leisure World. Rent storage units are the last thing we need. What we desperately need is more additional residential units designed for assisted living.

Suzi G. Smith

Seal Beach Leisure World

Bring Leisure World into 21st century

At the January meeting of the Security, Bus and Traffic committee, the department manager invited a shareholder to get his budget from the accounting office.  I don’t know if she requested it, but I did.

The total budget was $795,120.  Wow, I thought.  That’s a lot of money for empty buses.

Then the department manager clarified this budget for me.  This budget includes 50 Cushman trucks, five pick-up trucks, one van, seven standard automobiles and on and on.  Seventy-eight vehicles in all, including 11 mini-busses.

So I’m guessing that the Security Department and Service Maintenance budgets don’t include vehicle expenses.  Whose idea was that?  The Administrator?  The Controller?    Maybe that’s the way it has always been done. “This has worked for 50 years.  Don’t change it now.”

We don’t have and apparently don’t want an accounting department that recognizes that we are in the 21st century;  20th century accounting is good enough for Leisure World. It only cost us $273,000 for late payment of taxes. Don’t hold anyone accountable.  We don’t do that here.

I surely hope that the shareholders in the even mutuals will carefully examine their candidates before they select their next representative to the GRF Board.

Anne Walshe

Seal Beach Leisure World

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Letters to the Editor: Thursday, Feb. 23, 2012