Letters to the Editor: published Thursday, Sept. 26, 2019


Farmer’s market presents opportunity

Seal Beach’s unique Old Town community has an opportunity in the near future to develop a weekly Farmers’ Market that would serve as a showcase for scores of business on Main Street, participating vendors, and the city in general.

A proposed trial period for a Farmers’ Market in coming months would serve as an opportunity to learn more about whether such an event would work in our community. This is worth a try, particularly away from the height of the summer season.

In recent weeks, supporters have canvassed merchants on Main Street and found support and feedback to make this model work for the Old Town business community. Those business owners provided important criticism that will restrict the Farmer’s Market from selling manufactured good that could compete with businesses on the street.

The Farmer’s Market will be a Farmer’s Market not a FLEA MARKET nor a SWAP MEET with sales of tube socks and sunglasses. There has been a lot of misinformation regarding what this market will become and we have no idea how this has happened as we have never mentioned anything other than having a Farmer’s Market in town.

On a quiet weeknight, Main Street would come alive for the Farmers’ Market bringing families down to our historic neighborhood.

No other city in this immediate region can claim a Main Street like Seal Beach – a family atmosphere, popular restaurants and shops with a park and a pier for all ages. Amazon may be moving into daily lives, but nothing can replace a sense of community that comes with a central gathering point such as Main Street.

A Farmer’s Market, even one offered on a trial basis, will increase interest in Seal Beach in the region and derive much-needed revenue for the city and its merchants through much-needed foot traffic.

This is grass-roots marketing to sell Old Town at no additional expense financially or in man hours to merchants.

Main Street Seal Beach deserves a weekly farmer’s market. Let’s give it a chance.

Sean Byrne

O’Malley’s on Main

Editor’s note: The application for a special event permit for a farmers market has been withdrawn.


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Letters to the Editor: published Thursday, Sept. 26, 2019