Letters to the Editor: published Thursday, Jan. 7, 2021


One of our ‘Better Angels’

This past week, my husband and I pulled into the local gas station to fill my tires. Locating the air and water station, we attempted to find enough quarters to access the air. Fumbling and trying to make everything work, we were obviously struggling.

A young man, in a big truck, pulled in to get gas, observed our ineptness, jumped out and proceeded to fill all four tires with air, eagerly and efficiently.

We were overwhelmed with his cheerful willingness to help total strangers. We offered him money, but oh no, he declined, saying, “I was just glad to help someone in need.”

Thank you so very much, Kevin, you made our week (okay, our year)! It was a real ray of sunshine, perhaps a harbinger for a brighter year in 2021.


Lynn Hermstad

Seal Beach


A New Year’s resolution

The Sun gave its readers a wonderful New Year’s present with its Guest Column section in the December 31, 2020 issue, “2020 a Personal Reflection,” by Mariesa Hayes. Hayes shares her thoughts on the past year, when she and others came together around issues of social and economic inequity, particularly through involvement with Black Lives Matter and Los Angeles Skid Row support.

Rather than cursing this past year of COVID-19 and its concurrent economic and social strife, Hayes reflects on the kindness and grace of others she encountered in 2020 and contends that there “should be no reason we cannot do something to help uplift others in our lives.

She then reaches out to readers of the Sun and Orange County residents and reminds us to be “kind whenever possible.”

She has given me a New Year’s resolution for 2021 that I hope we all can follow.

Linda Alkana

Seal Beach