Letters to the Editor: published Thursday, Aug. 15, 2019



I am wondering why the homeowner at 1007 Electric has been “allowed’ to have her construction fence around her home, going on three-four years? When I called City Hall six weeks ago, I DID receive a call back, saying the fence would be down in three weeks. I was very pleased to receive the call back and to know the eyesore would be gone.

It has been three weeks past when I was told it would be down.

When will the city take care of this?

I and many others are tired of the entitlement offered to a few in our town.

Nancy Hetherington


Thanks to public servants

Just a note, a shout out, and a thank you to our “public servants” for a fairly quick response to our appeal for help! The pavers on the city side and in front of the Christian Science Reading Room on Main Street have been lifting due to an invasive tree root. Several times in the past 10 years the city has come out to dig down and cut an offending root and replace the covering pavers (used to be bricks)! This time it was a new root, and after a call to Councilman Joe Kalmick the wheels began to turn quickly and the Public Works Department gave it high priority. It seemed especially urgent, due to the foot traffic on Main Street, to protect our neighbors and visitors from tripping. In addition, Main Street is now on the once-a-week schedule for sidewalk power washing, instead of every six to eight weeks! Those nasty berries that fall from the ficus trees and are tracked into our stores, will be better contained now! Thank you, Joe Kalmick, Steve Myrter, Tim Kelsey, and Joe Talarico! And special recognition and gratitude to Antonio, the guy who spent all those hours on his hands and knees routing out the roots!

Joanne Fernbach

Reading Room Librarian

226 Main Street