Letters to the Editor: Nov. 4, 2010

Los Al Chamber should get business input

We were a little perplexed when we ran across the rather large advertisement in a local newspaper from the Los Alamitos Chamber of Commerce endorsing candidates Edgar and Zarkos in the upcoming Los Alamitos City Council election.

Funny, we never remember the phone call from the Chamber asking us, the longest running business in Los Alamitos, whom we preferred in this year’s race. Seems to me a local business of 50 years might have a little something to say regarding candidates that have made some pretty irrational business decisions in the past.

Being a general contractor that has been with the Chamber for longer than I can remember, we would have thought they might like to know our thoughts on the competitive bidding process and how contracts usually go to the “lowest” responsible bidder or maybe they might want to know how $6.8 million might be better spent on enhancing their own businesses rather than being spent on increased trash fees and nepotism. Or better yet, maybe the chamber would like to hear our thoughts on the words “eminent domain” that keep returning like a bad penny—words that should give any rational business owner cause for concern.

Yes, it seems to me that before the Chamber of Commerce dives headlong into endorsing certain candidates, they may want to get the thoughts of other chamber businesses in the area and err on the side of “good business” rather than “bad politics.”

Debi Collins Slimmer and Monte K. Collins

Monte Collins Equipment Inc.

Los Alamitos

Thanking Veterans

Senior Patriots and Military Families Speak Out are hosting their inaugural Thanksgiving Day Dinner.

This is their way to say to the veterans, “Thank you for your service.”

The celebration will be on Nov. 25, in Clubhouse 4, Room A, from 11:30 to 1:30, or as long as the turkey and cranberries hold out.

Veterans, both here in Leisure World and beyond, are invited to join in an old fashioned, non-political celebration of this holiday, which celebrates our history. Spouses of deceased veterans are also invited.

Both the Senior Patriots and Military Families Speak Out have, as part of their Mission Statements to, “Take care of the veterans when they come home.” It will be our honor and pleasure to celebrate together, this most American of holidays.

  If you would like to support this endeavor, monetary donations would be much appreciated.  Please make checks payable to “Tom Pontac” and put “Thanksgiving Dinner” in the lower left hand corner.

Call Ron at 795-1800 or Tom at 430-5777 for reservations, as space is limited.

Ron Kravitz and Tom Pontac

Seal Beach Leisure World