Letters to the Editor: Feb. 9, 2012


Seal Beach For Open Space

Just who are these people who call themselves “Seal Beach for Open Space” and want to derail the improvement of the old DWP property?

It surely can’t be the people who are most effected that live across the street from this very ugly piece of ground.  It surely can’t be Seal Beach citizens that would like to have a job in a local business.  It surely can’t be concerned citizens that would like to see more tax money coming into the city that helps us all.

Any person or group can claim to be for “Seal Beach Open Space.”  It could be the owners of a hotel that don’t want competition, it could be home builders that don’t want competition, it could be a group angling for a payoff to go away, it could be just anyone or a group of people who are looking out for their own interest.

I have a feeling that whoever is behind this mysterious entity is not out to benefit the citizens of Seal Beach, but is looking to benefit themselves.

If they are legitimate, then why are they afraid to let us know who they are?

Bruce Smith

Seal Beach

Lions serve

I enjoyed reading last week’s article (Feb. 2, 2012) “Lions growl about graffiti and garbage.” The Seal Beach Lions Club has always provided a tremendous service to this community. Graffiti removal is pertinent to maintaining a healthy environment.

The Lions certainly help make Seal Beach the wonderful city that it is, whether it’s donating their time or helping finance a project. You can pretty much always count on them. I was a 26-year employee of the city and was able to work with the Lions on many projects.

The Lions always lent a helping hand and were eager to get involved.

We have been fortunate to have service clubs here in Seal Beach that gives back. A big “thank you” to the Lions and all volunteers. Oh and I can’t forget the Leo’s, the junior Lions, for all of their great efforts.

Rick Paap

Los Alamitos

RCSD misuses powers over trees

Rossmoor residents were proud last year when their community was named “Tree City USA.” Unfortunately, the community cannot be proud of how the RCSD has handled the tree program in relation to it’s disabled senior citizens on limited income.

RCSD has refused to accommodate a disabled female in compliance with the Americans Disabilities Act. Rose has been an original owner and even watched her home being built when Rossmoor was first becoming a community. Both she and her husband were so proud to own a home in the new community of Rossmoor.

On Sundays they would visit to see their new home being built where they would later raise a family. Unfortunately for Rose, now 79 years old and in need of a walker and two canes for mobility, is having to deal with RCSD’s General Manager, Henry Taboada, who has threatened to drop a tree on her.

Rose received a “Notification of Tree Planting” letter from Mr. Taboada.

Rose took the necessary steps and actually met with RCSD’s tree arborist, informing him that two trees were previously planted but had died due to the condition of the soil in the parkway. She also stated she is disabled and has been declared handicaped by her physician and the state of California. Due to her disability, it is impossible for Rose to hold a water hose because her two hands are already being utilized by holding onto her walker.

Since the passing of the two trees, Rose has planted juniper hedges that compliment her juniper tree on her front lawn. These hedges do not require direct watering and have existed for over 20 years.

Although Rose has stated in writing to great length, the impossibility for her to care and water these trees, Mr. Taboada finds that these are insignificant facts of Rose being handicapped and physically disabled. So much so, Mr. Taboada states in his letter as “No Compelling Reason” not to plant the tree.  Rose’ appeal was denied and she must now appear before the RCSD Board to overturn Mr. Taboada’s decision.

Henry Taboada and the RCSD Board have been advised that they are failing to comply with the American Disability Act by discriminating against Rose and her physical disability. They have offered no accommodations for her handicapped condition but merely threaten if the tree doesn’t get watered, she will have to pay the RCSD for it’s costs.

When Rose asked RPMT for help, we asked the RCSD why weren’t any exceptions or allowances made under the American Disability Act? We were told “the rules were the rules, no exceptions.” Rose’s appeal will be heard on Feb. 14 at 7 p.m. at the RCSD Meeting. It’s too bad Rose is trying to live out her “golden years” in Rossmoor while having to deal with a 300 lb. Bully who insists on dropping a tree on her. Tree City USA No. It’s Rossmoor’s RCSD Disrespecting Disabled Seniors.

David and Rebecca Lara, founders

Rossmoor Predator Management Team

Elect LW directors that serve your interests

It’s time for the majority of Leisure World Shareholders to use their power to benefit themselves.  In spring all Mutuals will vote for Mutual directors and even numbered Mutuals will vote for GRF Representatives.  We need to vote for those who listen to shareholders and care about our Mutual, our money, investment.

Before marking the ballot ask yourself the following…

  • Are you voting for an incumbent because they go to your church, belong to the same political party, clubs, are nice and you know their name?Ask what is their voting record at Golden Rain Foundation and board meetings?  Did their vote benefit you?
  • Does your director buy votes by doing special services for those, who vote for them such as extra maintenance, ice cream socials or taking around cookies?
  • There is little advance planning done by mutual boards.You have one board planting trees and years later another board cutting them down.  One board gives permission for a shareholder to do work outside their home and another board says it’s illegal.  Lack of wise planning and documentation is confusing and costly to shareholders and the Mutual.

Has your representative and director served with honor and integrity?  Ask your GRF or Mutual director the following:

  • Were you on the GRF board in Aug. 2004 and did you as Mutual president vote that our reserves accounts be transferred to NY Mellon?GRF representatives and mutual presidents did this in secret at that time.  Now our reserves are not FDIC protected.
  • Did you as a Golden Rain representative vote to keep the GRF attorneys from going to court when originally Franz, Loritz, Lyon and others went to Small Claims Court simply to gain access to information which included how our money was being spent?
  • Does your GRF representative tell the truth?At a GRF meeting we were informed that the Orange County Fire Authority had approved the original Northgate entrance?   When a shareholder investigated he found out that the OCFA didn’t participate in the planning.  Since the fire engine could not make the original curve at this gate, more of your money was spent to correct the problem.
  • Did the GRF representative vote on other issues like the golden parachute to Habir Narang, at a cost to shareholders and hiring an inexperienced man to be administrator?

Ask those informed and get documented information before you elect someone from your Mutual to be a GRF representative or board director.  Being on a board requires honesty, being ethical, takes time, is hard work and requires knowledge of sound business practices, basic economics, personnel evaluation, supervision, contract writing, purchasing, preventative maintenance, construction and on and on.  In order to benefit the shareholders and community, we need the most talented and able to serve.

  • David Noble of M-5 – (562) 785-6107 has a record of how GRF representatives have voted.

Margarita Bhar

Seal Beach Leisure World

Bus and Transportation  Budget 2012

At the last meeting of the Security, Bus and Traffic committee, the department manager invited a shareholder to get his budget from the accounting office.  I don’t know if she requested it, but I did.

The 2012 Bus and Transportation budget is over three quarters of a million dollars a year ($795,120 to be exact).  Let’s do the math:  $795,000 divided by 52 weeks is over $15,000 per week. The most recent actual expense figures are for 2010  and showed a total expense of $736,000 or just over $14,000 a week.  Previously this committee reported an average of 270 rides per day.  We have 4 busses daily on weekdays doing 11-12 trips each.  That is 44 trips for 270 riders. According to the 2012k budget, the $795,000 expense for the bus service will be recovered from the mutuals at a charge of $10 per month per apartment  .  No big deal.

Each of us is only paying $120 per year…maybe that is why we don’t care so much.  $795,000 is a lot of money.  $120 doesn’t seem like a lot.

Do any shareholders honestly think that we have the very best management team in place to spend our money wisely?  Think about it.  $795,000 a year for nearly empty busses.

Anne Walshe

Seal Beach Leisure World

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Letters to the Editor: Feb. 9, 2012