Letters to the Editor: Beach trash concern

Beach trash as it appeared on Wednesday morning, May 24. Photo by Ken Constable

I stopped by your office this morning (Wednesday, May 24) to make you aware of a fairly serious lack of attention to beach clean-up by Seal Beach Public Works.

The situation is at the north end of the beach, starting at the San Gabriel River jetty and continuing south along the beach for at least two hundred yards to lifeguard tower #5.

Please see attached for some photos illustrating the situation.

I have reported the problem to Public Works (Grant Tavasi).


Ken Constable

Pride and rumors

Pride is something those that live in Seal Beach have when it comes to our Mayberry By the Sea.  But when it comes to celebrating “Pride” activities I question how much support or lack of is given to those that are trying to orchestrate celebrations from both the local government, business owners and organizations in town.  I’ve heard the rumors that are starting up that are negative and invoke negative responses which could lead to possible violence at “Pride” events.  I understand that “Pride” is not everyone’s cup of tea.  That being said let me ask why so many think it’s important to start negative rumors that have the possibility of causing issues in Mayberry? Why is someone else’s way of life or choices so threatening to you? If it’s not your cup of tea then don’t drink it.  I’d be more worried about the swingers group/sex parties that you need to be given a key to for spreading stds, the serious drug problem with the kids, womens drinks being drugged, our crumbling infrastructure or the Dominatrix named Master Larue who lives in town and is so violent that hard core BSM people stay away from him.  Folks our little Mayberry has some dark secrets, and being a member of or supporting “Pride” is the least of them.  Dividing our Mayberry doesn’t make us stronger it just weakens our threads holding the community together. If  “Pride “ isn’t for you then don’t participate,  but don’t ruin it for others that may be proud of who they are.

Dawn Southern

Thanks to a police officer

In reading the letter to the Briefing Room column published on May 25th, 2023, chastising the police officer for citing the writer for failure to observe the Stop Sign, I want to thank the officer. Being a senior citizen does not entitle one to break the law.

Crime and punishment should apply fairly to all citizens, and the officer should not pick and choose which violation deserves the citation based on the person’s age, time of day, and how careful one thinks he/she is.

It is rather presumptuous to assume that it is OK to break the law because it was early in the morning, and because “more and more” people are also breaking the law.

Nobody can guarantee that he/she poses “zero safety risks” at all time. What if another moving vehicle or pedestrian also rolled through that same intersection at a higher speed?

Lastly, if someone is to blame for ruining the writer’s “extended international trip,” it is he who committed the violation, not the officer who was doing his job for the safety of the community. As far as I am concern, both the officer who issued the citation and Capt. Nicholas deserve an apology.

Siriporn Kuanchai

Seal Beach